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LED Pipeline Construction Trends

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Now for the part of the strength of the traditional lighting dealers, how to grasp the trend of the LED lighting market, using its own pipeline resources and seek with LED enterprises operating the terminal the store after all on the best policy. In August of this year, Pui-crystalline semiconductor lighting their store flagship store adjacent EGLO Lighting merger, this merger is based on EGLO Lighting as the dealer does not have too much money in the market long-term boil down, with LED mergers, one long-term from Tony crystal lighting goods, is not to worry about the funds could not go on. With the second half of the year more and more dealers funds fracture risk for the LED business, is looking for outstanding dealers, the best time to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

LED pipeline construction trends

How in the absence of the formation of industry standards, filled with the cohabitation quality LED market blaze a way out? Quality is the key to victory, but also a symbol of reputation and brand, and LED terminal in the future market competition is bound to be brand competition .

Development of LED store. The purpose of the current LED market situation, the store has become the most viable terminal pipeline mode. LED enterprises and businesses lack of industry and market norms, so the test stores survival lies in store management and sustained profitability. At the same time, the store is also an effective way to enhance their own brand awareness and influence.

2 specialized stores in the mainland region Lamps or BuildingMaterialsCity small scale pilot Distribution. Or co-operation with local core dealer, but the short-term efforts to promote this mode should not be too great.

3, part of the LED lighting companies are well-known brands and the stronger cooperation with well-known brand of Direct stores Distribution. This may well be a good pipeline construction direction, with the help of well-known brands, LED brand influence, health and reputation enhancement.

For LED lighting companies, is also facing the storm of the pipeline, pipeline terminal can not find that many of the LED companies have chosen to open outlets directly. Such as shellfish crystal semiconductor lighting another Habitat Lighting City in Shenzhen opened directly factory outlets, in addition to Nanchang Sunshine Lighting Plaza there are a lot of LED lighting company opened a flagship store in the sun lighting market.