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LED Products Have Been Developed More Mature

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In recent years, with the rapid growth of mobile phone, PDA and LCD display, the market demand for LED SMD LEDs (SMD LED) is also growing. Among them, the phone is one of the most important needs of the market, at around an average of every mobile phone use 10-piece LED, which used nine key about, this part of the LED products have been developed more mature.

Mainland China Chip LED SMD LED market a few years ago almost entirely in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan suppliers occupation. Although foreign manufacturers still occupy most of the market share, but since the SMD LED products into production in 2000, Foshan City, Country Star Power Technology Co., Ltd., the Chinese local suppliers have sprung up to grow up. Despite the small supply, but local manufacturers product line is quite complete.

Trend: smaller and thinner and TOP-LED With the growing number of the continuous miniaturization of the mobile phone and mobile phone embedded function modules, chip LEDs are moving in the direction of smaller and thinner development. The thickness of the thinnest on the market only 0.35mm, the country star power products can reach 0.4mm. Ray from and stressed: “In the future mobile phones will be a large number of 0.4mm ultra-thin LED products, the market mainstream model 0603, the smaller 0402 products already on the market.”

In the field of high-power products, mainland manufacturers are concerned about the development of surface perfusion LED SMD LEDs. Top-LED manufacturing technology and chip LED products, the former current of 30mA or 50mA, brightness than ordinary LED chip is much higher, white backlight effect is better than DIP LED heat than the line plate structure chip LED better, the reliability of the product should be stronger than chip LED. At this stage, this product is mainly used in the automotive, instrumentation and LED decorative lighting field.

Currently, only Germany OSRAM TOP-LED technology is relatively mature, the reliability of the local manufacturers in this product is not very stable, so the promotion of operation of the manufacturers are more low-key. Domestic suppliers only if we are doing this, do not many Taiwan enterprises. “Ruifeng power Gong Weibin, general manager pointed out,” This is our company focusing on the development of the project, special handling process, has with Taiwan at the same level, the current monthly production of hundreds of thousands. “Other manufacturers have also said it will launch TOP-LED, Ray from and said:” the country star power will start mass production in July this year TOP -LED, TOP-LED specifications 3.5 × 2.8mm.

Above is about the prospects of LED SMD light emitting diode, I hope everyone’s attention.