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LED Tunnel Light Energy Research Have Been Major Breakthroughs

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LED tunnel lighting technology in China started late have been, at the same time the research and development of LED products compared to foreign countries still lags behind, but in recent years, domestic lighting enterprises through international cooperation and exchange, and actively improve the R & D capabilities, greatly promoted the development of China’s LED lighting. LED Tunnel Light Energy Research have been major breakthroughs, not only to improve the efficiency of the LED light source and LED lighting design, reasonable multiple light distribution, so that the overall performance of the LED Tunnel Light has been improved. Have large-scale Spark LED tunnel lighting Projects and demonstration model,LED Tunnel Light Project Most had a good response.

LED tunnel lighting tunnel design
Unlike ordinary road lighting, tunnel lighting has its distinct specificity, its thinking on peace in the lighting system is particularly important.

In the design of tunnel lighting plan to take into Ming conform and to dark adapt elements of lighting design, focusing on the transition section and the transition section. Order to meet the request compliance of the drivers eyes, for a period of light-dark transition lighting required in the tunnel entrance, in order to guarantee a certain visual acuity request. Tunnel exit to conform to a very short time, usually in less than 1s, so do not make other disposal.

The tunnel is the space of a blockade, in which natural light can not shine, in order to ensure connectivity and vehicle life and peace traveling, even if it is a day full of internal demand for artificial lighting, tunnel lighting is an integral part of the tunnel establishment a local.

The tunnel to use a new type of light source energy saving seminar was of concern to the industry, LED tunnel lights energy-saving seminar once a serious pause. The scientific research basis for daylight vision and intermediate vision theory, the color and illumination relations, LED used in tunnel lighting has inherent advantages in the country, so there was a number of important tunnel lighting project using LED tunnel lights. LED tunnel lighting in the tunnel lighting project had to break the sexual pause, but there are still problems, for example, not specifically for the design and construction of the LED light source for tunnel lighting standards, product performance varies greatly. Europe 60% of the tunnel in Italy, the case that is Rome, Italy tunnel practice case.

Automobile exhaust, noise, vibration, pure air, corrosive gases, moisture and other harsh environments constitute the particularity of the tunnel lighting. In order to give the exchanges between vehicles and pedestrians to provide a safe and warm lighting environment, the following is parsed discuss thoughts and methods of tunnel lighting design.

SPARK square LED Tunnel Light, LED has progress to 1W 114-122Lm / W, now voltage LED Tunnel Light Case 3.2V, we still use 320hA of power supply, so the practical work of an LED power 1.024W total of 56 pieces of light source power of 61.6W, the power conversion efficiency of 86%, so the total power of 72.6W, 736 meters The tunnel is a total of 103, with a total power of 103 × 71.6 = 7374.8W. To work 24 hours a day, with a total power consumption of about 215.3 kWh, approximately 71,950 kWh of electricity a year.

The length of the tunnel is 736 meters in the hole near the tunnel lights is the use of intelligent control the brightness method rather than the traditional sodium lamp directly closed at night practice, which must be based on the brightness of the air needs to re-adjust the overall light device density. Planning apparatus of the original sodium in the bright lights turn when the club constitutes three luminance region, the hole interval of 0 to 30 meters high luminance region, the luminance is 80Lux, 30 ~ 60 meters in luminance region, the brightness is about 50Lux 60 to 96 meters for the transition area about 40Lux low brightness area, the middle area of ??the tunnel brightness is about 30Lux, when the bright lights off at night, the whole tunnel all the low brightness area, the brightness is about 30Lux.

Import and export in the interval tunnel take the tunnel LED retrofit a total of 40 LED tunnel lights will take intelligent control its brightness to control the brightness, the middle of 63 lights take year-round full power, the total number of lamps 103, 7 per cent more than in previous designs.

Detailed approach to the tunnel entrance and each device sensitive controller, collecting optical signal, optical signal direct control of 40 LED tunnel lamp brightness to adjust the tunnel entrance, take good in the day light hours of full power, in the evening half- power work, brightness varies with changes in the external environment brightness controller does not consume energy, good light hours of the day outside the tunnel, the light at the mouth of the tunnel will be at full power, brightness fundamental meet 80,50,30 Lux request, after the evening Tunnel light half-power, the hole brightness is about 40Lux tunnel still 30Lux If you do not demand brightness varies with the changes of the external environment, able to directly set a fixed time to change the brightness of LED Tunnel Light.

Semiconductor lighting application demonstration project
A few days ago, by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Transport organized jointly undertaken semiconductor lighting demonstration.

The tunnel SparkLED Light Case
Project tender bidding activities successfully concluded.
Three ministries semiconductor (LED) lighting demonstration project to further promote green lighting project, to promote the healthy and orderly development of China’s LED lighting energy industry, jointly organized in early September to carry out public tender, intends to select a group of excellent LED lighting products enterprises to enter ” semiconductor lighting demonstration projects shortlisted companies. ”

The tender attracted hundreds of domestic and foreign semiconductor lighting enterprises to actively participate.Three ministries after a comprehensive evaluation of the bidding companies lamps advanced technology, business intelligence, product quality and market price, and ultimately determine the Spark Optoelectronics 28 excellent lighting companies at home and abroad as “semiconductor lighting demonstration projects shortlisted companies. Indicates that China’s semiconductor lighting industry will enter a new era.