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Mainland China LED Packaging Equipment Market Size Of $ 86 Billion

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In recent years, with the Chinese mainland control Dispensing Solutions continue to make new breakthroughs, mainland domestic dispenser equipment has begun to emerge in the battle for market share, market share will continue to accelerate in 2013 to enhance.

“The general dispenser useful life between 3-4 years, in 2009 imports of packaging factory procurement dispenser device now to a replacement cycle, new market opportunities has come.” Shenzhen Teng Sheng Industrial Equipment Co., general manager of the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Teng Sheng”) Lu Guoming told reporters that a common practice in the previous generation import dispenser slow, serious aging and poor stability, which is a lot of packaging companies upgrade and maintenance or replacement of old equipment main factors.

LED industry Institute statistics show that in 2012, mainland China LED packaging equipment market size of $ 86 billion, which replace equipment accounted for only 30%, this proportion is expected this year, almost half, accounting for the rapid growth of the replacement equipment will be invisible promote domestic equipment market share.

Replace ushered in a turning point?

“Prior to 2009, the dispenser device not realize the localization mainland packaging companies can only choose to buy Musashi, Japan and ASM machine.” Lu Guoming recalled that happened laments, when imported dispenser device has run, the market basically the imports of several manufacturers monopoly. technology, new breakthroughs, many budding package manufacturers began to try to buy the mainland domestic dispenser equipment, Teng Sheng shipments to rise substantially during this period. “This year we spotted the replacement of the opportunity, hoping to look at the impact of the mainland market.”

Statistics show that the end of 2012, the Chinese mainland number of enterprises involved in production of LED packaging device over 1700, of which more than 48% of the enterprise was established in 2009 and the previous four years, according to the dispenser device a replacement cycle this year, just a large number of mainland nearly half of packaging companies replace the first year of the packaging equipment.

We dispenser equipment Glory Sky optoelectronics, the IMC photoelectric, Jiaqing Guang, electricity and other packaging manufacturers, basically medium-sized enterprises, especially in Zhongshan packaging manufacturers in the majority. “Lu Guoming told reporters, Teng Sheng will be the same the Ruifeng power, Honglitronic and Huizhou States exhibition production can larger packaging companies contact, the dispenser equipment free trial.

The representative of one of the same as the mainland China-made LED dispenser equipment manufacturing, Sweeney’s Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sweeney”) will also be the focus of this year the target locked with major packaging manufacturers in mainland China.