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Many People Think That LED Downlight LED Spotlights Are Used For Home Lighting Should Be The Same Type Of Product

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Many people think that LED Downlight  LED spotlights are used for home lighting should be the same type of product, it is not true. We can usually distinguish from the application of both location and effect.

The first distinguish from the top of the performance:

LED downlight is an embedded ceiling light shot lighting. Belong to directional lighting, only its opposite can be affected by light, has the advantage that more than the general lighting the condenser lamps, typically used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. As LED technology continues to evolve, the service life of the LED downlight generally can reach more than 50,000 small.

LED spotlights are generally embedded into the ceiling or wall lighting products is a highly concentrated, usually it’s light shines into the specified destination. Light is used to emphasize the important place. Certain buy LED spotlight LED spotlight work will produce higher temperatures to choose quality products, or will cause a safety hazard. LED spotlight is mainly used for all kinds of commercial space lighting and architectural decorative lighting. Same time, the spotlight is also divided into two kinds of low-voltage and high-voltage, advised consumers the best selection of low-voltage spotlights, because low-voltage spotlights relatively speaking, longer life, higher luminous efficiency. Spotlights luminous efficiency power factor, good lighting power factor up to 0.99, but the price is a lot more expensive.

Second distinction: LED downlights are mostly installed inside the ceiling for ceiling to more than 150mm can be loaded in the application position. Of course, there are LED downlight is external. Generally installed in the dome light or chandelier position LED downlight, light to be slightly softer than the spotlights. LED spotlight can be divided into several categories: track, point hanging and embedded variety. Spotlight with transformer and without transformer of the points. Phase are embedded in the ceiling. LED spotlight specific focus irradiation position such as: TV wall, Logo background, and some of the key pendant jewelry.


Finally, the price distinction: currently the the LED downlight market price on the market-10W of 40-100 yuan, more than 10W LED downlight determine the price is $ 100 or more, lamp shape and the difference of the light source, the enterprise the separate mold shape LED downlight Price is relatively higher. The LED Spot Price In contrast cheaper, space-hyun Lighting 3W LED spotlight 5W of LED spotlights are 40-50 yuan 30 yuan.