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Recently, the Shanghai Association of Lighting Industry, Hongkou Qu Shangwei, Ouyang Road, Hongkou District streets jointly organized by the Shanghai first LED bulb into the Shanghai resident Community Community Tour “activities into the Hongkou District, an oasis of Bauhinia Garden District,Earn free West Germany of experience LED bulb to residential tenants.

Shanghai as the country’s important cities to promote low-carbon environmental protection, previously subsidized energy-saving lamps into the area, and achieved remarkable results this year and the first in the Hongkou District, pilot LED bulb free experience.

Since the entry into force of the “out of order” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the incandescent embark on a tour of the curtain call, the lighting market will be the showdown of the energy-saving lamps and LED lights. However, the high price has been the popularity of short-board energy-saving lamps and LED lights. Recently, LED industry full range of integrated solutions provider Austrian its Andean Technology Co., Ltd. launched as low as 8.5 yuan LED bulb, LED lighting industry, “shine” a bunch of light.

Guangdong Austrian its Andean Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Luo Si Hui told reporters, able to produce high-quality, cost-effective products, and definitely not an ordinary small businesses capable of. First of all, the Austrian its Sri Lanka has a complete industrial chain and core technology, Austrian its Andean Optoelectronics Division operation of the Group, the ability to integrate the supply chain, technology, channels and other resources, to achieve the information flow, logistics, capital better control of the flow, forming a unique competitiveness of Austrian its Andean, laid the foundation for the application of LED products development.

Secondly, the Austrian its Andean continue to expand production capacity, to break the LED lamps into a “high price, so there is no amount, the price is high because there is no amount of” vicious circle. Austrian its Andean set up production bases in Jiangxi Province plans to put into operation the fluorescent tube fully automated production lines and bulb 20 each, fully automated production lines to build the world’s largest production base of LED lights.