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Other Electronic Devices Based LED Bulb Power Supply Recommended Circuit

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Recently, electronic equipment, in addition to the earlier small and thin, energy-saving, low noise requirements, are more likely to prevent global warming required to achieve the ecological viewpoint. In such a market demand, began to spread from the 2009 LED bulb in a small and thin at the same time due to the long life and high ecological, equipped with electronic components also require small and thin and long service life.

LED bulb with a power of about 10W power supply, mainly using electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors to achieve a smooth function, but also increasing examples of small and longer life of ceramic capacitors. Can achieve higher capacitance than conventional ceramic materials, ceramic capacitors, this article will introduce characteristics, and describes other electronic devices based LED bulb power supply recommended circuit.

Performance of new materials ceramic capacitors
The characteristics of the new materials, ceramics compared to conventional materials, the Curie point is transferred to the low-temperature side, to showing paraelectric phase at room temperature (25 ° C). Therefore, new materials and traditional products to achieve the following performance.

The rate of decrease in the capacitance value when the DC voltage is applied, to ensure a high effective capacitance value (capacity) when applying a DC voltage. To ensure that in a DC600V when applied, the capacitance value is 2 times that of conventional materials.