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Product Strategy _ Mid-and High-power “wings To Fly”

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Product Strategy: mid-and high-power “wings to fly”

Samsung LEDTV the global occupy the high market share, no doubt Samsung LED backlight penetration has played an indelible role. Tang Guoqing told reporters that the current Samsung LEDTV has a market share of 120 million, if a TV inside the LED chip 100, then the market is incredibly diverse.

Turning to the specific product strategy, Tang Guoqing mentioned, the initial idea is in power and high-power products fly with both wings, high-power products 3535 and in power products 5630 and 2323 the three main varieties of “three arrows hair.

Tang Guoqing told reporters that Samsung high power luminous flux up to 156lm / w (350mA), the street LED lights made the whole lamp efficiency is more than 103lm. In high-power, Samsung will focus on the development of outdoor lighting, and will carry out a full range of marketing. In addition, in HVLED and ACLED will make a difference, to meet market and customer needs.

Marketing strategy: “Please come in, going out”

The successful application of localization marketing strategies had achieved good effect on the market in the the Tang Guoqing previous work. Then as Samsung LED China, general manager, as manager of the regional market, whether it can continue to use the localization strategy to bring a new change in the Chinese market to open up for the Samsung LED? As the saying goes: “A new broom sweeps clean.” After taking office, what will be new initiatives unveiled it?

Tang Guoqing mentioned, “Please come to go out can be summarized in six words. “Please come in” refers to leaders, experts and customers into the Samsung, for Samsung; “going out” is the Samsung product to the hands of every customer, allowing customers to evaluate, together with the customer to seek market opportunities and seek common development.

In this regard, he was ready to hold a Samsung into the activities related to leadership will be invited experts into the Samsung tour guide, Samsung reported the green industry in China in April this year, Samsung Electronics Group is headquartered in Beijing . In addition, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in June, will be held for the media and customers a product promotion, so that we know more about Samsung products. In addition, the more well known lighting manufacturers to do with strategy.

To achieve this year’s target market, said Tang Guoqing, hope sales on a starting amount based on the original, there has improved remarkably. However, the main task is the entire market structure lay spread out the product, depending on the market feedback.

The challenge: to integrate into the Samsung cultural

Into the new environment, the biggest challenge he faced what is it?

Tang Guoqing told reporters that make quick results is not a simple matter in this industry, the challenge is not a little bit. First of all, in conjunction with the Samsung cultural flow line into them and become a part of, and not able to see themselves as a revolutionist. Future, the introduction of a number of successful practices in the industry he would, and hope to bring some changes.