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SEO Ideas About The Keyword Flexible LED Strip Lights On Aug, 21th, 2017

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DeRun Lighthing was founded in 2011, located in Shenzhen city of China. We can offer high-tech waterproof dotless and no voltage drop waterproof dotless and no voltage drop RGB LED strip, 12v LED Strip, RGBW LED Strip, Flexible LED Strip Lights, Tape LED Lights etc. We have Professional Engineer Team to support Strip PCB Design for customers from all over the world. Most of our products are CE, ROHS, cUL & UL listed (UL NO: E482640).


As a professional flexible led strip lights expert, DeRun today would like to share the keyword SEO ideas about Flexible LED Strip Lights. Please see the form as below:


Search terms Results Avg. monthly searches Competition Suggested bid
Flexible LED Strip Lights 5,720,000 100 – 1K High CN¥6.06


These statistics are provided by Google Adwards on Aug, 21th,2017. From statistics we can find that the keyword Flexible LED Strip Lights is not easy for SEO. Although suggested Bid is very cheap, which is not more than ¥1, the search result of the keyword is closed to 6,000,000, the Avg. monthly searches is from 100 to 1000, and the Competition is High.


So, we estimated that the keyword SEO difficulty of Flexible LED Strip Lights must be about 65%.