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Shows LED Lighting Equipment Widely Used Not Only Has Enormous Economic Benefits But Also Will Bring A Wide Range Of Social Benefits Is Significant

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Micro-Sun Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Olympic its Sri Lanka to build a strong LED indoor lighting brands, as the goal, spending huge sums to improve the traditional process to respond to national call to promote energy saving and emission reduction process, in order to create the best T8 lamps, creating innovative technologies LED T8 lamp. The micro solar LED bulb, LED fluorescent lamp, LED panel light brand products are mainly involved a variety of products.

According to the National Energy Board news, 2011, total electricity consumption amounted to 4.6928 trillion kwh, an increase of 11.7%, of which the primary industry 101.5 billion kwh, the secondary industry 3.5185 trillion kwh, the tertiary industry 508.2 billion kwh urban and rural residents 564.6 billion kwh. From the classification electricity consumption, the country’s industrial electricity consumption was 3.4633 trillion kwh, in which light and heavy industry 583 billion kwh and 2.8803 trillion kwh.

Social power in accordance with the Ming electricity accounted for 12%, in 2011 about 563 billion kwh of electricity for lighting in China, such as China’s lighting device 50% LED lamps (50% energy saving by use of low-end products) at least once a year can save 1.635 trillion degrees, which is equivalent to build 4.5 Three Gorges Power Station or 11 million kilowatts supercritical coal-fired generating units, can save nearly a thousand billion of funding for power plant construction, annual savings of nearly 27 million tons of raw coal, to coal-fired power per watt calculated 0.638 kg of carbon dioxide emissions each year and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 93 million tons.

Shows LED lighting equipment widely used, not only has enormous economic benefits, but also will bring a wide range of social benefits is significant. Luo Si Hui, deputy general manager of Guangdong Olympic its Andean micro sun as a new brand in the lighting industry in China, Austria, its Sri Lanka through the professional market and brand operations team, in the next five years to become the leading brand in China’s lighting industry, saving energy and reducing the country for scheduling and universal low-carbon life plan and make due contributions.