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Talked About Was Exposed Sections Of LED Lights – Street Lights

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LED lighting with energy-saving and environmental protection, etc., not in the Ministry of Science and Technology “city of ten thousand lighting project as Nanjing, in recent years, the LED lights the pilot.

Talked about was exposed sections of LED lights, street lights at the deputy chief engineer of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau Liu Lei real, “was selected from dozens of brands, the quality and price of a Taiwan-funded enterprises in the mid-level LED lights, the lamp price of 6000 yuan. “factory warranty 5 years, that batch and LED lights drive is transformer rectifier technology is not yet mature, the service life of the electrolytic capacitors and other components, only one to two years. ”

LED lights energy-saving effect of the road, then what? Liu Lei Shi, 2010 Nanjing Jiefang LED street the entire lighting efficiency of 70-80 lumens / watt, 6,000 yuan a commonly used high-pressure sodium light efficiency is approximately 90 lm / W, 2,000 yuan a. From the situation at that time, LED lights cost is not high. But as technology advances, the price of LED lights has dropped by nearly half.

“LED street light, Nanjing better than the same time city pilot poor can only say that according to the technical level, the LED lights are fully replace high pressure sodium lamp Not yet.” Liu Lei Shi said.