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The Beginning Of The Year Of The Snake LED Lighting Industry Came To Pick Up The Signal

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The beginning of the Year of the Snake, LED lighting industry came to pick up the signal. Seen from the recently held 9th Guangzhou International LED Exhibition 2012 experience the difficulties falling profits, overcapacity in exports, but increasingly the development of LED lighting market continues to attract domestic and foreign firms. “Semiconductor lighting energy industry planning” was promulgated, in public places around the popularity of LED lighting are progressively implemented, the LED enterprise ushered off to a good start at the same time, GF personnel call-up orders, prepare for the big scuffle. Ground on the optical the frequently successful LED street reconstruction project, to greet the orders of LED lights.

But the price difference of LED products, the quality is good or bad is difficult to identify still hinder LED lighting into millions of households. The end of 2012, the State Bureau of Quality Supervision, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Trade and Industry Bureau checks across the country LED lighting products, energy saving lamps, road lighting, fire emergency lighting and electric light, the results showed that: LED lighting products pass rate was 51%. So the uneven quality of the product will disrupt the sound development of the industry, so that consumers lose confidence in this industry.

LED products terminal market, the market will eventually buy LED lamps, buy LED lighting solutions. So the quality of corporate life, the conduct of the enterprise is required to create a genuine starting from their own core competitiveness. Of course, the 2013 LED enterprises are more rational and pragmatic attitude 2013 a critical year for rules and layout, which, in addition to the essential technological innovation and cost control, service strategy, channel strategy, differentiation strategy “is becoming 2013 Chinese New Year at the beginning of the first heavy deployment.