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The Concept Of Color Temperature

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When the distribution of the temperature of a radiating body with absolute blackbody spectral power in the visible region having the same shape, referred to as the color temperature of the radiator.

The so-called black body, is able to completely absorb the heat radiation of any wavelength of the radiation incident from any direction. At different temperatures, the absolute blackbody chromaticity coordinates are shown in Table 2-3. Table 2-3 chromaticity coordinates Videos in a chromaticity diagram, i.e. the bold trace in Fig. When a light source color coordinates (x, y) is located on the chromaticity diagram in bold traces to the absolute temperature of the blackbody is defined for the color temperature of the light source.

However, there are many of the chromaticity coordinates of the light source not in boldface traces, leads to the concept of correlated color temperature, i.e., on the chromaticity diagram, and a chromaticity coordinate point of the light source away from the nearest absolute temperature of the blackbody is defined as a correlated color temperature of the light source.

Table 2-3 blackbody chromaticity coordinates

T°K x y
500 0.721 0.279
1000 0.652 0.345
1500 0.586 0.393
1800 0.549 0.408
2000 0.526 0.413
2300 0.495 0.415
5000 0.345 0.351
6000 0.322 0.331
7000 0.306 0.316
10000 0.280 0.288
24000 0.250 0.253
 ? 0.240 0.234