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The First Quarter Of The LED Industry Still Continues The Trend Of 2012 Income And Increased Profits

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25 LED key listed companies, the main business of the chip or involved in the chip business, the revenue of a certain size there are six, in 2012 only the Union Optical a company net profit increased, and the remaining five companies net profit showed a marked decline. 14 companies in the first quarter of this year net profit to reverse the downward trend, only shares the same side, a chip company, and the remaining four companies involved in the chip business net profit rapid decline in the trend changed. Shares the same side, the first quarter of this year, net profit growth was mainly rely on government subsidies and other non-recurring gains support is difficult to guarantee the sustainability of such earnings.

Overall, the first quarter of the LED industry still continues the trend of 2012 income and increased profits “, but the net profit decline was significantly reduced. This is the main reasons: First, the phase-out of incandescent policies to promote; LED lighting products, price decline, the increase in penetration of the market sustained and rapid development; Third, the falling prices of chips and packaged devices absolute space is already limited, prices continued to The declining trend will end.

Beachhead channel layout

“Why bad the last couple of years earnings, the first upstream chip excess capacity, then the downstream channel gap is not open, caught in the middle desperately competition, sure does not look good earnings, but LED lighting market, this year will certainly be a great changed. “Shenzhen Ruifeng Electronics Co., Ltd., Gong Weibin such a judgment.

This year will be LED lighting to replace the traditional lighting is very critical year. “Gong Weibin think,” the momentum of the outbreak of the industry as a whole, the price of LED lighting has come to the people to an acceptable level. ”

According to statistics, in 2012 the average price of LED fluorescent declined by more than 30%, the first quarter of this year dropped by more than 10%. 7 watt LED bulb, the ex-factory price and the selling price of low-end products only more than 10 blocks, the ex-factory price of medium quality in most of the sales price of more than $ 40, the terminal sales price above $ 20, the terminal 50 to 60 belongs to the high-end products.

For this reason, this year may be a crucial year for the LED lighting business channel construction. Full health, Guangdong Province Lighting Association, revealed that a number of upper and middle reaches LED companies are actively expanding downstream channels, including Hongli Opto-electronic, country star power, Linsen, the BDO Runda mergers NVC is to get through the sea . ”

Electricity supplier as a new channel of popular favor of LED business. Lynx LED business has sales of 300 million yuan in 2011. Chau Ming Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, brand director of Mei Zhimin said, Chau tomorrow cat shop on-line on January 4 this year, sales of $ 7 million in January, February despite the impact of the Lunar New Year holidays, but there are 9 million in sales , sold more than 30 million in March, June should be able to more than a million.

Pan Wenbo ready to join forces in June this year, the domestic LED leading enterprises, on-line Aladdin Mall. Pan Wenbo said the LED industry survival of the fittest. LED industry in the next three years there will be 30% to 40% or even 70% of the companies have been eliminated. “