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The Future LED Drive Power How To Develop There Are A Few Points

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LED light source products packaging technology to continuously improve and cooling technology continues to develop, the stability of the light source has reached a good level, even if it is also the light fades and color drift, which is mainly the thermal design caused by the irrational necrosis has been very The small, relatively speaking, the problem of power serious, problems generally directly dead lights or blinks, and the relatively high frequency of occurrence.

Lack of mandatory uniform standards due to the current LED power supply, the power of the market is fragmented, single, multiple, different sizes, resulting in many problems. Appear with the market ultra-high-power LED power, plenty of drive power more than 4, so the failure is frequently forced LED lights when the overall design cost, the modeling of the storm, a variety of factors coincide, often resulting in LED power and difficult to maintain heavy.

The future LED drive power how to develop, there are a few points and we explore:

1, to give up power, ultra-high-power, the development of higher stability of the small and medium-sized power supply, preferably between 30W-40W, the maximum should not exceed 50W.

2, to give up more than 4 output, the development single or two-way output, to give high current and large current development of small current.

3, intelligent control should be one of the biggest advantages of LED lamps, and the intelligent control of power intelligent control.

4, cooling, and protection is a power failure, the main external factors.

LED power heat lamps also have fever, both How to dissipate heat source is a lighting design engineer must consider, we must prevent the excessive concentration of heat, to form a heat island effect, affect supply life. Further protection issues are also very important, the penetration of moisture may cause a short circuit of the LED power supply, dust may affect the power of the cooling housing, the exposure is likely to cause aging of the high temperature wires and other components PROTECTION fact is to solve this A series of questions.

5, the maintenance of viability.

Although we have spared no effort in the first four steps, but the failure of the power supply is still not possible to completely avoid this is why we propose to maintain the viability of. Lighting design engineers to consider the maintenance of the LED power supply, only the replacement of the power to do so simple replacement of the light source with the conventional lighting, maintenance tasks have to be passed on to the possibility of the street lamp unit.