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The Implementation Of Energy-saving And Carbon Reduction The More Become Urgent

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Nowadays, technological development, energy consumption is relatively increased, we have to reduce carbon emissions subconscious, take good care of the Earth we have grown, countries warming is one of the warning, green surrounding environment, the implementation of energy-saving and carbon reduction the more become urgent.

To achieve energy-saving and energy-saving effect, it is recommended that you must take the traditional fluorescent lamp replaced, led energy saving light bulbs or energy saving bulbs to be replaced, or depends on your use

LED bulbs:

Advantages: energy saving, pitting off, non-toxic, easy to smashes, low wattage, no UV, no glare

Disadvantages: LED bulb unit price is more expensive, should have a good heat dissipation (will affect the longevity of LED bulbs), LED bulb slightly narrower electromagnetic waves, lighting

Saving light bulbs:

Advantages: cheap, widely available to buy, 360-degree light emitting less dead ends

Disadvantages: UV, mercury-containing lamp is made of glass smashes more dangerous, high power consumption wattage

Energy efficiency and are led bulb is more energy efficient, so if you want to save energy based, I would suggest that you replaced the lamp of the storage system led Yo!

The last way to provide some energy saving tips for your reference ^ ^

Energy-saving tips: selected in line with the mark on the energy-saving air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, dryers and other appliances can save energy and save electricity.

Energy-saving tips: a long time do not use electrical equipment should be cut off the power supply, reduce standby losses.

Energy-saving tips: buy office business machines, power saving features can usually be continued for 15 minutes when not in use, automatically enters a power-saving state.

Energy-saving tips: buy high efficiency refrigerators, refrigerator efficiency energy factor values ??(EF ENERGY FACTOR) said that the higher the EF value, the more energy-efficient. At least 10 cm away from the wall on the back, top and side to maintain at least 30 cm of space, to improve the thermal effect of the scattered Fridge.

Energy-saving tips: refrigerators door and enabled close the door, and reduce the number of open the door.

Energy saving tips VI: frozen food removed from the library, try to let it thaw naturally or place the freezer, microwave oven is less.

Energy-saving tips 7: Summer peak demand hours from 10-12 am, 1-5 pm, please do not use electrical power consumption.

Energy saving tips VIII: washing machine installed 7-8 full, wash soak for 20 minutes, the highest efficiency.

Energy-saving tips nine: first uncooked rice soaked before you cook it, can shorten the time of cooked rice cooker cooking.

Using the rice cooker insulation for no more than 12 hours. And regular the electric pot outside clean when heated is completely heat transfer without waste of energy.

Energy-saving tips 10: pressure cooker compared to a conventional electric rice cooker power-saving and time-saving, energy-saving power of 1/3.

Energy-saving tips 11: more use of natural drying, use less tumble dryer For ironing clothes should shorten the drying time