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The Incandescent Starting This Year Will Gradually Withdraw From The Stage Of History

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LED lighting can not be compared with traditional lighting energy saving and environmental protection advantages, last year, China issued out incandescent roadmap decision from October 1 this year to prohibit the sale and import of 100 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent lamp; 2016 10March 1, prohibits the sale and import of 15 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent. This means that the incandescent Starting this year, will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, LED lighting Taimukaiqi.

Although two years ago, China’s LED lighting market share of less than 1%, but the the national extension semiconductor lighting industry has been determined. “Second five” special plan “under” semiconductor lighting technology development, by 2015, the scale of China’s LED lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the general lighting LED lighting products; focusing on cultivating 20-30 leading enterprises to build 20 national industrial base and 50 “city of ten thousand ten” pilot cities to promote China’s semiconductor lighting industry into the world top three.

17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition carried out in the 9th. As the world’s largest lighting exhibition, corporate and brand of the world’s top 500 Philips, Osram and other lighting and the LED field gathered. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition founder, Pan Wenbo south, this exhibition of more than 2,600 exhibiting companies, exhibits covering professional lighting, commercial lighting, LED raw materials, Hall 21.

Organized by the reporter from the same period lighting industry the latest technology and achievements Summit “,” Asia the LED Summit Forum “was informed that since last year, many small and medium-sized LED enterprises decline in orders or even bankruptcy. But on the other hand, the technical advantages of large enterprises to set off a new round of market surges, and the country 22 billion in subsidies forthcoming LED industry consolidation rate will be significantly accelerated.

Tsinghua Tongfang Group Vice President Lianghai opinion, LED to accelerate the promotion of two bottlenecks, LED photoelectric conversion efficiency needs to be improved, “theoretical luminous efficiency and the actual indicators gap”; Second, the price, the LED light on the current market The price difference with the ordinary energy-saving lamps in more than five times the price 40-100 yuan, LED applications are more focused on the business rather than civilian areas.

22 billion in subsidies will reduce the price of LED lights, a decline of 15% -20%., “Lianghai said.

Recently, the State Council study to determine the policies and measures to promote energy-saving appliances and other consumer products, decided to organize a financial subsidy of 26.5 billion yuan, 22 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting.

China’s semiconductor lighting / LED industry, the Secretary-General of the League of Off white south revealed that the subsidy rules is expected to be introduced in early in the month under the state-subsidized primary beneficiary groups will be those with a competitive large LED enterprises.

Panasonic Marketing Wengyi Peng said, LED is still a fight technology industry. “Panasonic LED bulbs, for example, the same illumination, LED bulb 4.4 watts of power, long life of 40,000 hours, while the traditional lamp power of 20 watts, and only 10,000 hours, LED lighting can be seen on the energy saving and environmental protection The advantage of. ”

Tongfang LED sales this year, up to 20 million. Lianghai, the same side in the LED industry has mastered the key technology of the vertical structure of the substrate stripping, thermal conductivity substrate bonding, chip separation and domestic almost a hundred patents.

The industry reshuffle integration speed

“Policy support LED technology upgrading, plus price storm making this year the domestic LED market reshuffle integration speed international giants and competing listed domestic LED enterprises to become the leader of the shuffle.” Pan Wenbo said.

It is estimated that domestic LED enterprises about 8000, in a small and scattered state, “many a good impression.” Shuai Yang Lighting Managing Director Lu Weiqiang said, on the one hand is The hole too loud, blind expansion serious excess capacity; On the other hand, the new LED production cycle is about 3-6 months, a shortage of funds, lack of core technology SMEs defenseless.

Beginning last year, LED small and medium-sized enterprises frequently close down — As of the end of last year, Shenzhen City, the collapse of the LED lighting business for over 80, Foshan, Guangdong province, also in 2011 the Jin Yicheng LED lighting business failures, Dongguan Zhongshan LED lighting companies bogged down in the collapse of the cold wave.

As a barometer of the global lighting industry, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition of data also shows signs of increased industry concentration, Pan Wenbo said, the number of enterprises in the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition being held less than last year by 12% by 2931 The home was reduced to 2600, the exhibition area over the last year to expand by 10%, reaching a record high of 220,000 square meters.

Lu Weiqiang said, the LED industry reshuffle will continue, “in the middle of this year, LED packaging companies may have to die four percent; the downstream LED applications to be drained of SMEs half.”

However, industry insiders believe that industry consolidation period can provide the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, the enterprise should capture the tremendous business opportunities in high-growth markets.