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The LED Market Abroad

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Compare a manner acceptable to the Party, is now an EMC is contract management. Say Caucasian companies sell lights, not one-time money is collected, but not months to close save electricity, so it involves a third-party, to be the third party to manage this contract, to guarantee this matter. This mode is for small businesses in general, should not stand. But also a side note the LED really can save so much power, we are not very recognized such a stage.

Second, the LED market abroad: foreign markets with more things led indoor lighting, such as spotlights,led bulb, lamp, panel lights and the like. These products have been very popular in foreign countries, I think we can accept the price, one led bulb to the United States is their tens of dollars, plus their better energy-saving awareness, the Government advocates, buy this thing a matter of course.

The past few years several countries to meet the ban on the import of incandescent. This may be some people say, I do domestic trade often sell these bulb lighting like, ah, I thought you sold to domestic traders also, they eventually sold to foreigners, their own homes who use expensive stuff, a 40W traditional fluorescent lamp only 10 a few quick money, a 18w LED fluorescent to more than 200 quick money, more than 10 times the money. Although long LED life to 50,000 hours, but led power? Who can say with 5,000 hours, the electrolytic capacitor problem is not solved, this thing is still sold to foreigners.

Wrote Here we will find the focus on appearance, in fact, the domestic market and foreign markets, focusing on the inner. Oh, this is not the so-called face-saving projects, this building you have such a beautiful contour lights, I also engage in, or behind the times. Foreigners want real power, led lamps really can save so much power, it really can be used more for such a long time, they do not care, as in droves, because one thing is certain, LED environmental protection, environmental the concept believe that we can impress anyone.
In a nutshell: the domestic outdoor lighting street lights, indoor lighting abroad.