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The Low-quality Low-cost To Become Plagued Popularity Of LED Lighting Ills

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The low-quality low-cost to become plagued popularity of LED lighting ills. According to GSCResearch survey, the LED core parts in workmanship and selected materials there is a big gap between the big difference, the service life of the LED, low quality, low price of LED products has seriously disrupted the market, but also the LED products with high efficiency, energy saving, future The best alternative image of the light source industry deviate from the consumer recognition of the LED greatly affected. Especially in the export market, low-quality low-cost LED lamps become the general impression of the overseas markets of Chinese lamps, seriously affecting the overseas market for LED lamps confidence. In addition, the compatibility of LED lighting products, and the popularization of LED lighting adds a degree of difficulty.

LED standard optical components: to remove the barriers to the adoption of LED lighting products

Why LED lights branded low-quality labels? The reason, LED lack of industry standards is the key. Unified standard system in the country from the power supply to the finished product, LED lighting does not have a specification, there is no mandatory testing and certification requirements, each company’s own existing equipment and facilities, and the basis of their work and the level of technology development is not balanced , resulting in a wide variety of LED lighting applications products appearing on the market, different performance, interchangeability, the quality varies greatly.

To this end, GuangdongProvince to speed up the pace of implementation of LED lighting standard optical components, positive light component standardization, accelerate the popularization and application of LED lighting standard optical components.

LED standard optical components, then what is? Reverse traceability of LED lighting products manufacturing chain can be extracted by upstream devices and modules LED lighting products to downstream of the light source and lighting products step by step assembly of LED lighting standard optical components of the project idea is upstream from LED lighting products to downstream industrial middleware, covering the whole industry chain, to achieve the ‘chain standardization’, the formation of the product spectrum. “in LED lighting standard optical components training session in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, standard optical components of the overall project secretariat of the Group of Experts, Foshan City Dr. Luo Tao, Sun Yat-sen Institute introduced the standard LED light component is preferred from mature actual production and application and appropriate optimization components represent large-scale manufacturing and application of universal, cost-effective products. ”

Optical component standardization, a major significance for the development of LED industry. “First, application-oriented end demand for LED lighting industry middleware standardized specification is expected to exceed the core technology of large international companies tour leading industry chain pattern, expand the living space of the national enterprises., Starting from the product formed improve the standard system, standardize product testing, can effectively solve the serious situation of LED lighting products, non-standardized, interchangeable between similar products. Third, the formation of each level serialization standard products, to promote industrial specialization and cooperation, to guide The industry has entered a virtuous and orderly market competition. “