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The Promotion Of LED Lighting Products In 2013 Will Reach 30 Million

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The National Development and Reform Commission out of incandescent Project Office Director Lu Fang, recently organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Society of China Lighting Forum pointed out that the promotion of LED lighting products in 2013 will reach 30 million, the types of products covered tunnel lights, street lamps, LED downlights and radioon the basis of lights, and this year a new bulb.
LED bulb’s largest market is the civilian market, but because of the LED bulb is structurally complex than the incandescent, so even in the case of large-scale production, product prices will be higher than incandescent lamps, the 2012 market conditions LED bulb in terms of price is also higher than the electronic energy-saving lamps. And thus to make it into the homes of ordinary people, the current stage of relying solely on the market means there is a certain degree of difficulty.
February 17, by the Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued the “semiconductor lighting industry, energy-saving plan,” pointed out that one of the four “priority projects” and “lighting products demonstration and promotion project”, and gradually increase financial subsidies to the promotion of LED lighting products efforts. Gradually promote the use of mature technology, energy-saving effect of LED lighting products, giving priority to the promotion of indoor commercial lighting products and systems, and actively promote outdoor public lighting products and systems, and promotion of home lighting products in a timely manner to actively support innovation in the field of automotive, agricultural, medical and other applications. New LED bulb as to promote their products, it is to achieve this goal, which opened the new LED lighting era of home applications.