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The Significance Of The Non-electrolytic Capacitors To Extend The Life Of LED Lights

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This paper briefly describes the significance of the non-electrolytic capacitors to extend the life of LED lights, brief introduction of a new closed-loop current control strategy, detailing how this control strategy breakthrough to improve LED output current accuracy from open-loop and closed-loop is by its very naturebreakthrough. Based on this closed-loop strategy provides a non-electrolytic capacitors 3W Bulb LED driver, and provide experimental data and waveform diagram.

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LED drive power – without electrolytic capacitors significance
Why LED driver power supply design to emphasize the non-electrolytic capacitor? The working life of the drive power LED lighting bottleneck is the AC-DC converter electrolytic capacitors. LED lamp life of more than 40,000 hours, while the electrolytic capacitor life only a few thousand hours, usually ambient temperature increased every 10 degrees, electrolytic capacitor life shortened to half. According to the bucket theory, the decision of the whole lamp life is the most “short-lived” link: electrolytic capacitor. If you do not remove the idea electrolytic capacitors, LED lighting drive power of life and the life of the LED on the very match, it is difficult to play a long working life of LED lighting advantage. This is why the industry has been actively develop non-electrolytic capacitor LED lighting the main drive power.