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The Visible Spectrum

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Light within a certain wavelength range, a form of electromagnetic radiation. The wide range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, the shortest such as cosmic ray wavelength Gigabit per trillion only a few meters (10-14-10-15m), the longest such as alternating current, having a wavelength of up to thousands of kilometers.Electromagnetic radiation within the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation from 380nm to 780nm can be caused by the human visual, this wavelength is called the visible spectrum.

Due to the use of these units, the values ??in the wavelength is too large, it is necessary to use a smaller unit to measure the wavelength of the visible spectrum, thereby using a standard nm (also known as nano symbol nm), here 1nm = 10-9m. The human eye can play a visual reflection of the longest and shortest wavelength 780nm and 380nm, respectively, in the red end of the purple end of the spectrum.

Within the range of electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays and infrared rays, radio waves and so on. Visible light, ultraviolet and infrared light-emitting radiation of atoms and molecules, called optical radiation. X-ray, gamma-ray radiation is generated by the excited atoms within the electronic called nuclear radiation. The electromagnetic radiation generated by electric vibration known as radio waves.

For people, for their eyes feel and visual optical radiation as visible radiation; not feel for the eyes, does not generate the visual optical radiation called invisible radiation. Thus, optical radiation can be further divided into visible radiation, and invisible radiation. Visible radiation stimulating the visual organs, from outside in the brain to produce visual impression of light, color, shape, etc., obtained by the awareness of the outside world.

Visible radiation is irritating to the eyes do not produce visual, acting on the skin sometimes produce other senses, such as ultraviolet light generated a feeling of pain, the infrared burning sensation. Strictly speaking, only the kind can be sensed by the eye and generates a visual phenomenon of radiation is visible radiation or visible light, or light. The article refers to the light that is light on this definition.