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This Line To The Main Line, Supplemented By Channels For The Promotion Of LED Lighting What Fitness Is Not Suitable For

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This line to the main line, supplemented by channels for the promotion of LED lighting what fitness is not suitable for?

“Our LED lighting almost in Jingdong Mall month sales in the 20,000 or so, you can do the sales charts in the peer the 20,000 lamps and our line Xiazou amount compared, it is a drop in the bucket. Shenzhen LED lighting business owners believe that the electricity supplier can only be supplemented as channels rely only on the electricity supplier channels to the amount of walking is not allowed.

Important is that the LED is a lighting scenarios, line the store can give consumers an intuitive feel. Trading the most critical distribution and after-sales service, the store can do that buy cross, and even package installation, and does not include the installation of electronic business platform, there is a wait cycle. If you focus only on the web promotion, and lack the support of the store, companies need to assume the risk.

WU Zheng Zhe, domestic lighting marketing experts believe that the current promotion of LED lighting still works mainly pay greater attention to the after-sales service, these customers will not be purchased by C2C or B2C platform lamps, traditional channels will continue leading the LED lighting channels.

In fact, the electricity supplier as the main channel, can be seen as alternative enterprises to seek differentiated road made, but if the electricity supplier as the main channel, it is to give up the main battlefield of the LED lighting.

Non-mainstream channels?

“The electricity supplier channel mainstream” This may be the general idea of ??trying to rely on electricity supplier channels LED lighting companies.

Groups online shopping continues to expand, but the main target of the online shopping for the end consumer, in the field of LED lighting, the proportion occupied by the terminal retail is not much, but in the next five years, this ratio does not change much.

Due to the limitations of installation and after-sales service, electricity temporarily not become the main battlefield of the Channel, and the majority of end users of LED lighting Youyi business according to engineering and government projects, engineering and distribution channels is the LED lighting channels benevolent.

The Shenzhen Aerospace Fenghua Technology Co., Ltd. president Don know new support LED lighting can only be traditional channels, and the need to innovate on traditional channels, which opened the store experience, in order to contribute to the terminal of the LED lighting promotion.

“Electricity supplier channels are an important complement of enterprise channels can not be ignored, but more important the role of the store.” Tsinghua Tongfang lighting division Liu Tong also believes that the traditional channels as a channel to the dominant position can not shake.

He believes that the traditional channels of cooperation and electricity supplier best way is to take the online sales and offline services, traditional channels as the electricity supplier of logistics and experience center, electricity supplier as trading and promotion of traditional channels window by distinguishing between market broken down by product, this is the trend in the development of LED power channels, I believe such a way that the effect will be better.