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This Year The LED Chip Production Equipment Subsidies Are Reduced

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Government subsidies reminder hot domestic LED chip investment hot, causing serious overcapacity. The face of the LED chip prices and the decline in the performance of the LED chip companies, this year the LED chip production equipment subsidies are reduced. Three safety optoelectronics, BDO Runda domestic LED chip large success from the policy engine switch to the “market” engine, the greatest test.

Sanan Optoelectronics income nearly doubled last year, but net profit was reduced by 10%. According to its last annual report, Sanan Optoelectronics 2012 operating income of 33.6 billion yuan, an increase of 92.48%; net profit of 810 million yuan, down 13.47%; net of non-recurring gains and losses net profit of 5.49 billion yuan, an increase of 18.94%.

The company in recent years the close care of by the government last year, is no accident. Sanan Optoelectronics last year, government subsidies of 328 million yuan in 2011 to 805 million yuan, 253 million yuan in 2010.

Calendar year, the local government subsidies Sanan Optoelectronics under various names, was up to 24. Among them, the two biggest names: MOCVD equipment purchase subsidies Government subsidies of 911 million yuan, Suncore Branch held Co., equipment purchase subsidies of 480 million yuan. In addition, there are key new products, LED chip industry, such as subsidies names.

LED industry of another listed company BDO Runda their situation is similar to its 2012 revenue of 2.824 billion yuan, down 7.89%; net profit of 168 million yuan, down 57.14% year-on-year. Decline in performance, BDO Runda, one important reason is the arrival in the fourth quarter of last year, a one-time through profit or loss of government subsidies not expected arrival.