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Tips About Led Drive

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In principle, if the container of your site directly to 110V or 220V AC power to use direct light inside the container low-wattage incandescent bulb or energy saving bulbs; and use this power to drive the radio, you can get enough outsiders think indoor someone in feeling. Do not need to bother to use the battery to light the LED drive radio it!

If your container does not install any power supply, you must use the battery (battery continued stock and can be reused, the price is very cheap power supply unit). The battery can be directly output DC sake, so it can be directly used light LED bulbs, and completely do not need to install any adjust the voltage of the device. As you mentioned power saving and cost factors, absolute value, as to how to use it? See next paragraph:

General condenser or LED bulbs about three-volt DC voltage normal light and transparent highlight LED takes about four volts DC voltage will be issued a maximum luminosity. This voltage must be assigned accurate, too low do not make sufficient brightness of the LED.

Then, in order to allow the LED to be able to maintain the longest light emitting time. Please select first in the selection of the battery voltage and the largest capacity 24-volt battery (the drag library with the kind of capacity up to 200AH). Then the LED wiring, 3-4V the LED to be used directly in 24V battery above, most people will be directly above the line of the LED in series with a resistor, then the dolphin and can be connected to the battery . Although the use of resistors under reduced pressure so that the LED does not burn although this method is effective, but the LED series resistor to reduce each doubled voltage doubling power consumption. 24V, for example, a resistance LED must be consumed zero resistance of the LED is at least six times the power consumption can be luminous. That is familiar to engage in resistance tactics absolutely will only make a lot of electricity consumption in the waste heat of the resistance, thereby enabling the battery life is greatly reduced.

So, to save power consumption and maintain battery life. We can use a large number of LED bulbs to replace the existing series resistors, and also have a certain proportion of resistance due to the LED itself, so long as the LED according to the input voltage values ??are the times of the the LED normal working voltage value, and then use a few go in series to use to replace the original resistance. 24V, for example, ordinary or spotlight LED only series 10; the transparent bright LED only series 8 (due to the battery output voltage of about 30% -40% higher than the marked voltage value, 24 volt battery 31.2 vodka). This would have the lowest power consumption, LED light-emitting battery will not soon be exhausted.

The series LED wiring the same series incandescent bulbs, each bulb long needle (positive) converge to the wire to the next bulb short needle (negative). And finally the first light bulb long needle wire connected to the positive terminal of the battery, the last a short needle from the lamp wires to the negative terminal of the battery is ready for use. You need to increase the number of LED only assembled such a step, then a bundle of the LED board series and parallel battery can be used. (Remember! LED light string lights can not be any increase or decrease, it will not and must comply with the correct proportion to the allocation of the LED assigned to the high or low voltage is damaged or does not light!)

Transparent bright white LED bulbs about 18-25 yuan a yellow-green Blu-ray about $ 14-15 a red light about 10 yuan a. As for ordinary or condenser LED, the price is about 0.8-2.4 yuan (on the packaging will be marked), and the greater the amount of purchase will be more expensive; outlet As for the LED with dedicated line 4-5 of the Treaty, convergence wire varies depending on the length and thickness.

As for the radio appliances, you can use dry cell models. Radio saving often are high, as long as the two AA batteries (not alkaline batteries) can be continuously listening to the radio at least a month or more. If you feel dry cell radio volume is not enough, you can find a plug closing recorder (using the number of batteries must be eight long), and will be installed behind the battery cover open with a wire to the battery holder connected to the positive electrode and the negative electrode to the positive electrode and the negative electrode of the 12-volt battery can be spent.

As you said, the simplest and most effective anti-theft method is not installed on top of any device that can deter others, but “keep a low profile” to deal with the matter. For example, do not stay in the commons container of expensive equipment or tools, the inside of the container or around arranged to look like a tramp or a juvenile delinquent living, deliberately container posing as the appearance of abandoned or obsolete, the container arranged to see like debt collection Group the wave parts or rumors diatribe looks like …

To a thief, I would like to do home best practices on tens of thousands of channel lock is not in the above, because the majority of today’s thieves more for you to prepare for his more aggressive style, because all of your preparedness action is to tell them Are you afraid of his most favorable evidence, this not make him more daring? If you can come up with enough to destroy him want to come to patronize you the idea of ??the container to be able to say is the most effective anti-theft tactics. Moreover, you have only one mind thieves all have minds, so little chance of winning squad captains, with its heavily guarded is better to KongChengJi more useful.