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What Is The Difference At Ministry Of Internal Trade And The Ministry Of Foreign Trade

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For LED application products manufacturers, each company basically has a Ministry of Internal Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Trade, said the white sub-domestic market and foreign markets. Ministry of Internal Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the two departments in the end what is the difference, according to their market can be seen.

First, the domestic LED market: the domestic market with the most the most popular lighting products, such as a point source, the guardrail (digital tube),LED spotlights, wall lights, flexible light strip, hard light bar. Why these products in the country to do so well? Mainly traditional light source can not be replaced this effect, and two, these are used in the building or municipal engineering, that are rich Lord. Although expensive, but the Lord is not bad money, effect Haojiu Hang lighting company representative Heshan Silver Rain, I heard that flexible fluorescent lamps is their patented product, the beginning of time to sell more than 100 meters, profiteering ah!

The second category of products is LED lights, this basically municipal engineering, LED lights, though expensive, but the fight under the banner of energy saving and environmental protection, national support. Do the best market should be regarded as Shandong, his place in many parts of the LED lights, especially Weifang, I heard all replaced by LED street lights. Government introduced policies to support the LED lights. Street lights more representative of enterprises in Dongguan Qin, advertising and soft paper than more, should be led industry, which no one I do not know the place.