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Whether The Enterprise Product Structure Adjustment Or Between Enterprises Mergers And Acquisitions

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Whether the enterprise product structure adjustment, or between enterprises mergers and acquisitions, end-market demand-oriented role. Well-known economist, explaining the LED industry in the application of the problems with the policy: “The government have any skill to determine which technology is promising? Certain technology may be advanced, but it can not succeed in the market, there is no no one knows. government to develop technology, then a lot of money, what is the final result? photovoltaic industry has become what you see. ”

Jinglian These remarks essence lies not only in the domestic market of LED concerns, it is for the Government to promote and support the development of LED industry means questioning and alert. The severity of the PV industry overcapacity, and dependence on foreign markets are better than LED, when the impact of reduced demand, will naturally face collapse.

PV companies through investment and construction of power plants and other digestive capacity, but there is no electricity, standard system, the administrative rules and government policies, it is difficult to achieve the original intention.

The good news is that mainland China LED products terminal application is still large-screen display and backlighting applications-based, but there is a huge potential market in the field of civil lighting and public lighting. The new central government pushing the “new urbanization” reform strategy has set the tone, LED lighting will undoubtedly receive positive energy applications. And local governments have launched commercial, public lighting demonstration project recently after another.