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Why Choose LED Spotlights

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We’ve Seen a lot of high-tech LED bulbs, also remember that have served our many years of candles, and that is not enough light, but warm enough candle. Now called LED Candle Light Youyi light bulb identity. And the same shape of the bulb candles, draw a match point in the traditional way, together with a lamp holder in the shape of the candlestick, showing the whole body such as light bulbs light up effect.

Ten reasons to choose LED Spotlights:
1, LED flood light green. Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, there is no pollution to the environment;
2, LED candle lights universal standard bases, can directly replace existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent;
3, significant energy saving. Ultra-bright LED light source with high-efficiency power supply, 80% energy saving than traditional incandescent same power 10 times brighter than incandescent lamps;
4, the lens and lampshade design. Lens along with a condenser and protection role, avoid wasteful duplication of light, to make the product more simple and beautiful;
5, long life more than 50,000 hours, 50 times more than traditional incandescent light. LED Candle Light with highly reliable advanced packaging technology – Eutectic Welding, fully protect the long life of the LED Candle Light;
6, no flicker. Pure DC work, eliminating the traditional light source, visual fatigue caused by;
LED candle light, impact resistance, anti-Lei Lijiang, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass enclosure, there is no problem of fragmentation of traditional lamp, without harm to the human body, no radiation.
LED Candle Light thermoelectric reduction work, safe and reliable. The surface temperature of ≤ 60 ° C (ambient temperature Ta = 25 ℃);
9, using the PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, low heat, high precision constant current
10 LED candle lights reduce line losses, the polluting power grid. Power factor ≥ 0.9, Harmonic distortion ≤ 20%, EMI meet the global indicators, reduce the power loss of the power supply line and to avoid contamination of the network of high frequency interference.