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Why The LED Lighting Market Penetration Of Only About 7%

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Traditional lighting still occupy absolute market share advantage, LED lighting market penetration is still very low, the latest information indicates that the LED lighting market penetration of only about 7%. The reasons are mainly the following:

1 LED lamps high prices. Currently the KA stores sale 5WLED of bulb prices average between $ 60-70, while the the equally luminous efficiency ordinary energy-saving lamps price between $ 7-15, the spread between the two several times. LED product packaging instructions are too simple and not very good so that consumers have a comprehensive cognitive product.

2 promotion lag. Currently, mainland specializing in the production of LED lighting downstream manufacturing enterprises there are thousands, but in the end markets professional engaged in LED products run the business is one of the few. At this stage, in addition to the support of government policies on other forms of market promotion of the lack of terminal businesses learned from GLII visited, the majority of businesses there are also inadequate awareness of LED lamps, lead to the terminal consumers can not properly convey the LED lamps advantage and the difference between the traditional lamp. Retail Distribution not effective. Universal KA stores have a large number of traditional lighting products sales, but LED lamps Distribution limited. Mainland KA stores, only these large stores of Carrefour, Wal-Mart has a small amount of brand LED lamps in the sale and distribution in a very small number of brands, only together for several Carbonell Secretary-firefly, BYD brand.

At the same time, these brands did not configure the pre-sales staff in the store, when the terminal consumers buy lamps, LED lamps nobody cares. Compared with the traditional lighting brand, LED brand does not yet have a market reputation and influence. Traditional lighting brands like Philips, Panasonic, NVC, Op, SFT, has a good reputation in the industry, but on the LED lighting brand promotion is still lagging behind.

The terminal consumer awareness of the brand lamps is still stuck in the traditional lighting products, in the contest of the market, compared with traditional lighting brand excellent marketing ability, mainland China LED lighting companies in the system marketing weaker in the short term it is difficult to seize the initiative in the market competition.Stage, LED lighting companies in addition to pay attention to application-oriented product development, but also pay attention to brand building. Most LED lighting companies play the “green energy”, “low attenuation”, “long-life” concept, but not be accepted by consumers, the market is flooded low-cost low-quality products more seriously affect the LED lighting brand credibility. Businesses to do well for

2012 terminal distributors will be shuffling year, “the strong, the stronger and the weak are eliminated,” the general trend is difficult to change. Can you survive this winter, to see the merchant’s financial strength and business model of the lamps. In the situation of the major building materials market traffic decreasing, if the business or wait for customers to send home, it is undoubtedly is the worst response.