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With The Increasing Development And Growth Of The LED Lighting Standard Optical Component Applications Union In The Popularity Of LED Lighting Will Play An Increasingly Significant Role

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Universal access era of LED lighting, LED light standard component of its scientific and normative compatibility of LED lighting products, the Assembly played the popularity of LED products. With the increasing development and growth of the LED lighting standard optical component applications Union in the popularity of LED lighting will play an increasingly significant role. Introduction: Shenzhen LED industry, the current stage of development is extremely difficult, the closure or relocation of many companies, and a few years ago overheating and the formation of a very sharp contrast. In mid-March this year, the Shenzhen Municipal annulled the form of the “Official Gazette” March 2009 introduction of the “Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan (2009-2015) on the issuance of the notice. The abolition of planning, so many people in the industry feel that the industry has been abandoned by the government and caused a lot of conjecture.

State support for enterprises to take the opportunity to make money?

Japan as early as 1998 on the development of 21st century project “, and 5 billion yen developers white semiconductor lighting LED and new semiconductor materials, substrate, phosphor and lighting between 1998-2002. Accordance with the relevant policies introduced by the Government of Japan, the Japanese government also stipulates 2006-2007 corporate or institutional use of LED lighting devices to replace incandescent lighting device, available investment of 130% over-depreciation, or investment of 7% rate relief.

Europe and the United States to support efforts of the LED industry is not small. The EU launched for information and communication technology and lighting equipment of high brightness organic light-emitting diode Project, to invest 20 million euros, to effectively improve the efficiency of organic light-emitting diode light-emitting. Has also developed the Confederate States of a total ban on the production and sales of incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamps, promote LED lighting technology application development.

The U.S. federal government launched in 2002 the “National Semiconductor Lighting Plan, and included in the energy bill, companies can get $ 50 million per year financial funds to support a total of $ 500 million in 10 years of financial funds to support.

Government subsidies over corporate profits

Returned to China, Shenzhen enterprises to participate in the LED demonstration projects of the government investment projects, according to the price of the lamps give 10% subsidy and interest subsidy for three years. Enterprises bear the investment projects of enterprises LED demonstration project, 30% of the price of LED lamps to provide subsidies. There are also many provinces and cities have introduced a program of subsidies LED industry.

Industry professionals Hu Jun for a data: after several years of fostering, LED enterprises in Shenzhen is only output value of over 100 million yuan, but the government Shenzhen determine the development of the Internet or biological emerging strategic industries, just a project over a thousand billion, industry, land resources are so scarce in Shenzhen, the government is clearly to give up. “” I have seen LED Industrial Park, the scene was tattered brand stand, then you can go to mortgage “LED Industrial Park,” Most do, to hit the ground, put forward a plant, and then lie to the government subsidies.