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LUGISK Anti-Glare Flexible Linear Fixture LG003

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LUGISK high performance flexible linear fixture light are IP67/68’ protected. LUGISK has efficient heat dissipation, brilliant color fidelity and is highly resistant to external influence due to its high quality, fully encapsulated finishing and silica’s stable performance compared to other materials. They have been extensively tested in numerous tests and provides robust resistance to salt, water, UV radiation, abrasion and chemicals. As a result, the LUGISK series is ideally suited for numerous interior and exterior applications: from wellness, garden and landscaping, through to architectural lighting, maritime lighting and many more.


Part number LG003
Coating Striped
Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm white, RGB
Color temperature 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 11000K
Voltage DC24V/12V
Max length 50M per reel
LED beam angle 120°
CRI Ra83
Extrusion material Silica
Length connection cable 150-200mm
Warranty 3 years


● Fully encapsulated, high quality and fully flexible LED strips with waterproof ratings IP67
● Effective heat dissipation
● Coating available in striped for anti-glare function
● High efficiency with DeRun flexible high efficiency LED strip
● Resistant against water, chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion
● Both single color and RGB color are available
● Small bending radius of only 50-100mm
● Non-toxic environmental protection, food grade silica just like baby pacifier
● Fire-protection rating VE
● Silica molecular structure stability ensure the coating yellowing resistant and no any changes for many years
● Mechanized production ensure high production efficiency and avoid manual errors
● Lugisk punching end cap makes waterproof rating more high, give better protection to soldering pad and it looks more beautiful
● 100% pure copper in FPC and high performance stable silica ensure a long LED lifetime

Integrated Extrusion Molding with Silicone ( IP65, IP67, IP68 )

Small Color Temperature Deviation

The standard range of color temperature shift
IP67S ↓ 50-100K
IP68S ↑ 300-500K

Free-soldering Connector


Standard packing:
5m(16.4’) per reel in the anti-static bag.

Engineering packing:
50m(166’) per reel, cut freely.
a, Please connect to the connectors and end caps with free-soldering accessories after cutting
b, 10m with power on both ends can reduce the operation of connecting


● Business premises lighting
● Linear led lighting
● Exhibition led lighting
● Display led lighting
● Bar led lighting
● Home led lighting
● Office led lighting
● Led retail lighting
● Accent led lighting
● Pool led lighting
● Architectural lighting
● Led strip fixtures
● Decorative lamp for outdoor lighting
● ad. signs

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LUGISK Anti-Glare Flexible Linear Fixture LG003
LUGISK Anti-Glare Flexible Linear Fixture LG003
ID: LG003

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