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-Is there a colour difference in the led strip light you bought?

-Why do the same products produced at different times have color differences?

-Want to solve this problem?

When you buy a led strip lights, will you pay attention to the following things?
How vital these things are to LED Strip Lighting!
High Light Efficiency

We require LED chips to have higher light efficiency, and higher light efficiency will reduce the heat of led lamp beads, making LED lamps more energy efficient.

Low Light Delay
We use high-quality LED chips, which have high luminous efficiency, low heat generation, low light decay, and low light decay to ensure longer life of LED lamps.
High CRI
We require LED chips to have higher color rendering, which makes the light closer to natural light, making the light received by the eyes more comfortable and more realistic.
No Pressure Drop
We use a double-sided FPC circuit board to ensure that the lamp strip can carry more current and connect longer led strips.
No Color Difference
With the same color temperature, we will control the color tolerance of the lamp bead within 3sdcm, ensuring no color difference between different batches of light strips of the same color temperature.
No Dead Light
LED lamp bead package requires full use of gold wire and copper bracket to ensure the quality of led lamp bead, higher production process, ensure the lamp bead is welded firmly, and the dead lamp is eliminated.
Who we help?

1. With the same roll of led stip light, do you have high requirements for light color consistency?

2. Are you confused?

The same product purchased at different times, the color is different !

3. Are you helpless?

Under the same project, the same product was purchased from two suppliers, but the color temperature is really different !

4. Are you very helpless?

When you give the customer a lamp repair, you really can't find a light strip that exactly matches the previous color temperature !

5. Are you very arrogant?

There is a 3000K strip in the warehouse, but you need to separate it with ten boxes, why? Because they are different batches of products !

6. Have you been plagued by the previous

problems, but can't find a suitable supplier to solve these problems?

Please throw your question to us, and we will respond quickly.
Give you the best solution, recommend the most cost-effective products for you.

DERUN SCM (Supply Chain Management) concept

1. In our opinion, excellent suppliers are as important as customers, we have established long-term relationships with them and hope to grow up together;

2. We have developed strategic relationships with our suppliers. Under the strict quality control guidelines, we give them more orders, and they give us more support, including more competitive prices and more flexible delivery;

3. We work with suppliers to develop new products, jointly introduce and improve the latest technologies, and ensure that we are the first to add new products in the industry.

derun lighting scm

We are controlling good quality. Our products are passed UL, cUL, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, ROHS certificate, in line with international product standards.

According to the characteristics of different customer processes, we strictly control the quality of the material.

From the details of products, to promote the product’s stability and consistency. Low power consumption, resistant to vibration, excellent reliability, long life for LED strip lights.

UL-E482640-20160324-Certification of Compliance

UL-E482640-20160924-Certification of Compliance

BST1707764680001Y-1SC-2-Certification of Compliance

BST1707764680001Y-1EC-1-Certification of Compliance

BST1707764680001Y-1RC-4-Certification of Compliance


Since its inception in 2011, we have been committed to providing quality products to our valued customers.

From design to finishing, our goal is the perfect product itself. We take the time to listen to our customers and hear your feedback on our products.

We always believe that in addition to product quality, service is the most important, because most customers are tens of thousands of miles away, they need more time to react before seeing the product.

Advanced Production Machine And Technique
Advanced Testing Machine For Quality Control
Professional R&D Team Support
Accepts Customized Order
Fast Speed Answer
Fast Delivery
CE,RoHS,UL Listed
3 Years Warranty

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We provide LED Strip & LED Neon Light customization and projects solution

customization for led strip lights
customization for led strip lights



IP68 led strip lights outdoor use

IP68 Solid Silicone Extrusion Tec.,The Max Length is 100meters.

IP68+ led strip lights Under Water Use

IP68+ PU All In One Tec.,Complete IP68 Waterproof,Under Water Use.

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