The led aluminum profile is also called led aluminum channel or led strip channel, its main material is aluminum, and it is equipped with end cover, light-transmissive cover and mounting clips. Aluminum profiles are an integral part of any LED linear luminaire and linear lighting system. They are lightweight and rugged enough to meet the lighting needs of virtually any color temperature and color output. And it has excellent heat dissipation performance so that making the entire lighting system heat dissipation faster, more reliable and longer-lasting.

By using led aluminum channels to install led strip lights, in addition to protecting and hiding your led strips, it also makes your lighting system look more professional, clean and bright. Aluminum channels come in a variety of styles that can be tailored to your lighting system style to match the specific lighting effect you want.

Creating professional led strip installations has never been easier. The aluminum profiles of the led strip lights can be seamlessly mounted into the cabinets, stair treads, ceilings, closets, floors, and walls. We offer a wide range of high quality and innovative complete channel systems for LED strip light installations. On this page, you’ll find linear led aluminum profiles for surface mount, flush-mount, pendant-mount, corner, buried installation, and other custom applications.