How To Find The Best LED Strip Aluminum Diffuser Channel
1. What makes one LED Strip Diffuser channel better than another? Color, thickness, depth, and mounting solutions are ALL important. When it comes to LED strip lighting there are two very differe…View More
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Complete guide: permanent install led strip Christmas lights
In this article, I’m going to show you everything you need to know to get set up with permanently installed Christmas holiday lights. 1. LED strips or LED strings, which one is better Let’s start w…View More
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Best Guide: How To Choose IP67/IP68 Waterproof LED Strip Lights
1. Why are we looking for high-quality super waterproof IP67 or IP68 led strip lights? Case 1: The overall effect requires the use of led strip lights LED light strip is a very popular decorative l…View More
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32 Cool LED Strip Lights Application Ideas You Can Do
Installing energy-efficient lighting systems is the need of the hour. LED strip lights make a spectacular addition to contemporary homes. These lights work brilliantly in any space. Strip lighting…View More
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Best Solution for LED Light Strips Falling Down
Now let's get into light strips. If you've read my articles, you know I love light strips. I have them installed all over my house and firmly believe you can never have too many light strips if you'v…View More
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RGB, RGBW, CCT and Wifi and Zigbee LED Strips – Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
If you want to buy a new led strip or automate the led strip, you already have in your house, stay with me there until the end of this article. Today I am going to bring you one of the doubts that pe…View More
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What does the mean of RGB, RGBW, RGBCW, RGBCCT LED Strip Lights
If you ever looked at LED strips and went like RGB, RGBW, RGBWW RGBCW, RGBCCT. What the here does it all mean? Let's try and find out. So, first, some pre-work LED strip nowadays comes in lots of …View More
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LED Light Strips in 6 Unexpected Places
I just compared a bunch of light strips. so I had a lot of extras laying around. I found some creative places to put them and a few turned out way better than expected. I think this article is going…View More
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7 Common Misuses of LED Strip Light and How Can We Avoid Them
Today I'm going to show you seven of the biggest mistakes that people make when using led strip lights in their projects, and how to avoid them to make your installations look way more professional.…View More
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The Difference Between Addressable RGBIC LED Strip WS2811, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815, SK6812, SK9822
In this article, I'm going to perform tests on all of the most popular types of individually addressable RGBIC dream color LED strips lights. We're going to talk about their technical specificatio…View More
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16 Things You Need to Know About LED Strip Lights
The most complete LED light strip knowledge in history, continue reading to learn more 1. What is the LED Strip Light? Definition: Led strips are made LEDs assembled on a strip-shaped FPC (F…View More
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Top 10 Countries Query Flexible LED Strip Lights on July, 24th, 2017
    Founded in 2011, located in Shenzhen city of China, DeRun offers waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights, non-waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights and epoxy covering led strip, 3…View More
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