3014 600Leds 12V 60W 16.4Ft Roll IP20 Nonwaterproof Strip led light . It is 8mm width PCB . 120leds per meter , 600leds 5 meter one roll . It is10-12 lm per led. High lumen and high quality led strip manufacturer. DC12V and DC24V are available. White, warm white colors are available.If you are interested in 3014 strip led strip light , please feel free to contact us 🙂

3014 Led strip light specification :

※ PCB Size: 5000mm*8mm
※ LED Quantity: 120leds/m
※ Working Voltage: 12V/24v
※ Power:12W/M
※ Lumen: 10-12LM per led
※ PCB Color: White
※ Viewing angle: 120 degree
※ Waterproof: IP20 Non-waterproof
IP65 Silicon Glue Covering Waterproof
IP67 Silicon Tube Waterproof
IP68 Silicon Tube and Silicon Glue Filled Waterproof
※ Tape: 3M adhesive tape on the back for IP20 & IP65 led strip
※ Package: 5M/ROLL with Anti-static Bag
※ Certification: CE, ROHS, UL Listed
※ Warranty: 3 Years