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5050 144W 12V 600 Diodes 16.4ft Roll IP20 Non-waterproof Strip Lights LED

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5050 144W 12V 600 Diodes 16.4ft Roll IP20 Non-waterproof Strip Lights LED. We can offer 5050 double row 120leds/m strip lights led. It is 28.8W per meter. 12V and 24V are available. Non-waterproof and waterproof strip lights led are available. 18-20lm per led, it means 2160-2400lm per meter, super bright. 

Strip Lights LED Specification:

※ PCB Size: 5000mm*20mm
※ LED Quantity: 120leds/m
※ Working Voltage: 12V/24V
※ Power: 28.8W/M
※ Lumen: 18-20LM per led
※ PCB Color: White/Black/Yellow
※ Viewing angle: 120 degree
※ Waterproof: IP20 Non-waterproof
IP65 Silicon Glue Covering Waterproof
IP67 Silicon Tube Waterproof
IP68 Silicon Tube and Silicon Glue Filled Waterproof
※ Tape: 3M adhesive tape on the back for IP20 & IP65 led strip
※ Color Temperature: Warm white 2800-3200K White 6000-6500K
※ Package: 5M/ROLL with Anti-static Bag
※ Certification: CE, ROHS, UL Listed
※ Warranty: 3 Years

Unit: mmled strip light installation led strip light installation led strip light installation

LED Strip Light Advantage:
1.Wide applicability, easy to install and maintain;
2.Extremely luminous, with wide viewing angle;
3.PCBase board, unique waterproof technique;
4.Energy saving and environmentalconservation, long lifespan;
5.Operation low voltage (DC12V, DC24V) for humansafety, various colors available.

Indoor and outdoor decoration lightings;
Landscape outlines;
Large scale backlight Window display lighting;
Building contour decorative lighting;
Emergency hallway lighting;
Ad. Signs, light boxes;
Architectural decorative lighting;
Car and motorcycle decorative lighting;
Bridge edge lighting;
Cabinet LED Lighting;Showcase LED Lighting;LED Museum Lighting;
LED Kitchen Lighting;Display LED Lighting;Art LED Lighting;
Display Case LED Lighting;Wall-Graze LED Lighting;
Wall-Wash LED Lighting;Linear LED Lighting;
Linear LED Fixture;LED Retail Lighting.

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