DeRun FS Series Waterproof Connector For IP67 LED Strip

Product Name: DeRun FS Series Waterproof Connector for IP67 LED Strip


Model: FS-N10XB-4

Model: FS-N10BB-4


New FS series connector: the new design brings a safe, fast, and convenient installation with led strip light. It not only achieves a rapid free welding connection but no length requirements to the layout of the wireline.

DeRun FS series connector improved the flexibility and convenience of the application site. It is easy to connect to the tin-free wire and does not need to strip the wire skin.

The conductor is not exposed, so it’s very safe. It makes the cut wire’s direct fast connection come true.FS series connectors have clear housing, ensuring led emitting chip good light transmission.

The innovative internal connection structure brings a better bite force between led strip light and connectors, more stability.


Housing: Polycarbonate
Contact chip: Environmental protection hardware material high precision copper
Contact chip surface treatment: Environmental protection and anti-corrosion treatment
Rated voltage: 0-36V
Rated current: 5A
Working temperature: -20 ℃~50 ℃
Temperature resistance: housing 105°C
Flame retardant grade: UL-94-V0
Conductor cross-section: 0.35 mm²~0.75 mm ( AWG22~AWG18)
Wire diameter requirement(including insulation): Φ1.5 mm~Φ 2.1mm
Led strip requirement: Waterproof IP67(square shape), Single color & RGB, Led quantity 30-120pcs/m, led strip size 12.5mmX4mm
Led strip PCB requirement: Plating plate (not suitable for wire plate), thickness 0.25mm~0.35mm

Glue feature:
P/N: SC-1512
Description: Paste with transparent or translucent adhesive Capacity: 10 ml/pcs

Tip: DeRun FS Series waterproof connectors do not have their own waterproof conditions. It must be used with special glue(2ml of half flow transparent waterproof glue) to achieve a waterproof effect if installed in an outdoor or humid environment.

For connector waterproof operation, please refer to the following:


1. Cut led strip in the cuttable mark

2. Peel off the 3M tape from the led strip

3. Turn connector clear cover to 90 degrees.

4. Put in the strip. Do not need to take off the strip tube. Check strip soldering pad is on the top of metal contact pin

5. Lock the clear flip completely with the base on both sides with the aid of tools (electrician pliers)

Note: When the led strip is connected with the led strip, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the strip

6. Cut the required length of the wire, without stripping the wire insulation, insert the guide slot

Note: When the led strip is connected with the wire, it should be noted that the positive and negative polarity of the strip should correspond to the positive and negative polarity of the wire

7. With the help of tools (electrician pliers) lock the clear flip completely with the base on both sides

8. Waterproof treatment: fill connector hole with special glue till overflowing

9. Cover the cap to prevent the glue from flowing back and wait for the glue to dry

10. Installation finished

Some possible reasons if the electricity does not work:
1. Please check whether the wire is standard?
2. Is the polarity of the wire and strip wrong?
3. Is the led strip PCB thickness matching?
4. Is the strip soldering pad in contact with the metal contact sheet completely?
5. Is the led strip light in good condition?