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High Performance Dotless Flexible Neon LED Strip Lights LG10S1225

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The 1225 neon led strip light has the same shape as the 1023 led strip, but the size is larger than 1023 led strip. The side light-emitting method is adopted, and the led strip inside of the silicone tube is perpendicular to the light-emitting surface of the neon tube sleeve. The light is more even and soft, and no dark areas.

The monochrome 1225 neon led strip use a 24V-2835-120leds/m led strip and the PCB board width is 10mm. The RGB color neon led strip use a 24V 5050 60leds/m led strip with a board width of 10mm. The neon led strip lights with the running water effect use a 24V WS2812 60leds/m led strip with one pixel for every 6 LEDs. The 1225 neon led strip has a relatively large illumination angle of 170 degrees and a waterproof rating of IP67. It has strong corrosion resistance and wears resistance, making it ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor auxiliary lighting or decorative lighting applications.
Part numberLG10S1225
ColorRed, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm white,RGB
Color temperature2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 11000K
Power consumption14W/M
Length of per reel16.4’ (5M) or 32.8’(10M)
Luminous flux per meter330-430LM
LED beam angle170°
CRI>80    >90
Extrusion materialSilicone
Length connection cable150-200mm
Length cuttable50mm
Warranty3 years
  Application • Business premises lighting • Linear led lighting • Exhibition led lighting • Display led lighting • Bar led lighting • Home led lighting • Office led lighting • Led retail lighting • Accent led lighting • Pool led lighting • Architectural lighting • Led strip fixtures • Decorative lamp for outdoor lighting • ad. signs

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