Preferred Choice: Underground Mining LED Strip Lighting Solutions


First of all, you need to know that not all LED light strips can be used in underground tunnels or underground mines.

Due to the particularity of the use environment, special requirements are put forward for the performance of the LED light strip!

1. What would certainly be your guidance to them when it comes to carrying out LED strips in their operations?

The evolution of LED Strip Lighting as a below-ground illumination system, it’s altering the face of underground mining and also sets brand-new unsurpassed requirements.

Time has shown that LEDs are not all made equal. It is essential to select LED Strip Lights from a trusted provider or manufacturing facility, that will certainly give backup service if required.

The resourceful layout has a feature that allows for the connection of a power supply on either end or both ends of the strip lights. In doing so the ranked length efficiently doubles and also the lighting will remain to operate if completely cut or if one of the power materials falls short.

The Strip Lighting can be found in meter sections, and this implies only the meter that breaks or fail will certainly be impacted and also shut off, the rest of the strip lighting will still function.

All LEDs are not made equivalent. Make sure to acquire just from a respectable distributor, from whom you know you will obtain backup service if required.

As we know, the led strip lights underground lighting system is changing the face of underground mining and setting new unsurpassed standards in its class.

2. What are crucial factors that mines should consider in carrying out LED strips?

The following variables require to be identified when thinking about LED Strips:

The voltage of the mine’s power supply

LED Strip Lighting is typically DC12V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48V, which calls for an outside vehicle driver, or AC110V– 240V, which has a much smaller sized inline chauffeur.

Sizes required

AC110V– 240V LED Strips normally come in 50m rolls. The smallest cut unit normally is 1m in the market, but we can support 12.5cm/unit for AC110V and 25cm/unit for AC220V. And they are a better fit for large locations.

Amount of light called for

What are the Lumen or Lux needs per meter of Strip Light? Different LED specs are offered for various light outcomes for various applications.


Operating problems establish the water-proof rating. Numerous choices are offered.

Derun Lighting is designed and developed to provide permanent lighting solutions for Underground Mining and Tunneling environments, other applications include Surface Mining Operations, Open Cut Mining, and Commercial and other domestic and industrial installations.

DERUN LED Strip Lighting Systems for Underground Mining is a Safe, Durable, and Robust product. It can work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

The light source in underground mines is manufactured with a high-lumen LED with a long lifespan, high efficiency, and superior spectrum performance.

LED tape lighting for mining tunnels is also designed for harsh mining environments and is energy efficient, ultra-flexible, fire retardant, corrosion-resistant, impact and shock-resistant, and suitable for high humidity environments.

LED strips for mining tunnels is also running a long length of 50m or 100m per roll with AC110V or AC220V input directly.

Mine can quickly apply Strips to existing frameworks

As a result of the low power intake of Strip Lights, new installments require much less cabling as well as switchgear, and can also be quickly attached to existing facilities.

And also setup of the lights themselves, by means of PVC wire ties, can be done by merely strapping the rolled-out LED strip lights onto existing structures. No need for extra electrical wiring and no hassle.

Strip Lighting is Modular and Compatible

The lighting is totally modular with all remedies totally compatible, enabling interjoining with each other. The lighting runs can be reduced throughout the keep up reducing intervals every 1m, depending on the solution used.

3. What potential advantages it could include in its operations?

It would have a significant influence on the mining industry’s safety features.

LED Strip Lighting is a risk-free and also effective option for complex frameworks that need constant upkeep and replacements. Implementing Strips in the underground passages will certainly contribute to complying with one-of-a-kind safety attributes:

Safe working environment

Boosted visibility is crucial in maintaining a safe workplace underground, with poor lighting pointed out as a contributing factor in lots of below-ground mishaps.

The Strip Lighting illuminates potential risks by supplying a full flood of light from flooring to ceiling, instead of any kind of globe setup where these spaced lights can blow or obtain damage. This can considerably increase the effectiveness of workers.

DERUN LED strip lighting products help ensure a safe working environment by providing full floor-to-ceiling lighting in locations that are usually difficult to reach. It greatly reduced preventable incidents.

Insufficient light will seriously affect people’s ability to identify hazards. No matter what kind of environment the customer works in, we are committed to eliminating this risk for our customers.

Our product series are designed to deal with harsh environments, whether they are in a high-temperature environment or exposed to humid or explosive environments.

Fast and safe fixings

Repairs can be accomplished safely and also rapidly under live conditions, by only changing the section that fell short. The inventive ring feed style guarantees completely working lighting also when cut, even more decreasing the need for fixings.

Simpler installment

LED Strip Lights are much lighter weight to bring and deal with compared to conventional illumination. A Female individual can easily bring as much as 150 meters or even more as well as can mount or keep areas singlehandedly.

Less downtime

Strip Lights do not generally stop working catastrophically, as is generally the instance with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light result generally reduces with time. This allows for a regular upkeep routine as well as a substitute before failing, preserving consistency of illumination and improving safety underground.

Financial Advantage

Reduced upkeep in straight contrast to the short lifespan and also the high expense of traditional light systems because of the constant demand for replacement of elements.


LED lights use substantially less electricity and also result in instant as well as continuous financial savings in running expenses when contrasted to traditional light remedies such as incandescent globes or neon tubes. Normally, LEDs use about 10% of the energy of a standard Incandescent bulb leading to a 90% power saving.


1. IP68 Solid Waterproof

2. Flame-retardant

3. Durable

4. Running the long lengths of 50m and 100m per roll, 10m, 20m… short lengths are also available

5. Warranty: 5 years



Product Features:

This is a revolutionary product with patented technology, Product Features are as below:

1. With the built-in bridge rectifier design, each segment can work individually. Rectifier bridges are dispersed
to each segment to ensure strips with lower temperatures, higher reliability, and stronger anti-surge capability.

2. Each segment with built-in high voltage constant current IC to ensure every led still can receive constant
current under the ripple voltage, meanwhile, the LEDs we used are rated 0.5W per pc, but we reduce the current to
0.16/pc in the process of practical application. these highly ensure the long lifespan of LEDs, but luminous
efficiency still can reach 100lm/W. Besides, our such strips have 5 years warranty.

3. The cutting segment of a traditional high voltage strip is 1 M, but the minimum cutting segment of our patent
series is 83.3mm and 125mm which satisfies most of the usage requirements of the shorter cutting segments.

4. Higher safety performance, all of our series of products be made by extrusion technology with food-grade silicone, no yellowing, no cracking, and protection grade up to IP68.

Product Photo:

The surface of the strip light has been covered with an anti-static oil film, which will not absorb dust or generate static electricity. This small reel is 5 meters a roll.

Each roll of LED light strips can be cascaded with each other.

The length of a single roll can be 50m, the longest not exceeding 100m.

There is a fuse on the power input line to protect the light strip when the circuit is over-current.

Note: This is not a conventional high-voltage LED light strip, nor is it a low-voltage LED strip, but a new constant-current high-voltage LED strip light. After it is cut, it does not need an external ballast driver and can be directly connected to AC110V or AC220V voltage


Linkable LED Strip Lights

You can use multiple led light strips in series as needed.

You can use multiple led light strips in series as needed. The maximum running length of 144leds/m LED strip is 50m. The corresponding light strip models are DR02-220-144 and DR02-110V-144.

If exceeds 50m, there will be a visible drop in lumens at the end, and there will be a large current at the beginning of the strip which will shorten the strip’s lifespan. But DeRun DR02-220-96 96leds/m LED Strip can run 100m when energizing from one side.


Of course, if you want to use DC low-voltage light strips, then the following two industrial led light strips should be very suitable for you. They can also be used in industrial LED lighting fields such as underground tunnels, underground mines, or buildings.


The input voltage is DC36V or DC48V, and the length can be 5~50M per roll. It is also a constant current light strip without voltage drop.

Of course, if you don’t want to fix the LED light strip on the wall, but roll it up in time after use, then we can equip you with this mobile reel, and you will use the mobile light source as conveniently as using a mobile cable.

Industrial LED Strip Work Light Series

If you are interested in the product, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with the best service.