Here is the led lighting projects came up with by our talented  customers who bought the led strip light and all the accessories from DeRun.
You can see the amazing effect of our led strip  light from it and will have better idea about how to apply our product to the big or small project .

A customer from California, USA, he likes photography and DIY. he use the RGB led strip light decorating in the Tripod, it lo
A customer from Canada, he used the white color led strip light in the ceiling, now, for this times, he want use the RGB led
This picture was sent by Marc,who from Australia.He bought 220v RGB led strip light to decorate the grand party. 100 M length
This project was designed by a customer who called Don from Canada. He bought the 5050 60leds/m waterproof IP 65 white color
This project was designed by a customer who called Marius from America.You can see from the below picture that 5050 30leds
A great engineer from France, he used our RGB led strips for the wall back lighting,he decorated living room with our 5050 wa
My colleague Page 's customer from Czech Republic. Using our waterproof IP68 24VDC white led strip lights on his private swim
The customized Golf Cart Lighting used our 5050 waterproof IP67 led strip light from diodedynamics.com, there are white, blue
This is a warm design project created by our customer Chad, he is a great engineer from America. They used our LED Strip Ligh
My customer from America and order some 5050 RGB LED Strip light to decoration his Seishin Restaurant.These interior LED sign