This paper briefly describes the significance of the non-electrolytic capacitors to extend the life of LED lights, brief introduction of a new closed-loop current control strategy, detailing how this…View More
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The National Development and Reform Commission out of incandescent Project Office Director Lu Fang, recently organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Society of China Lighting Forum pointed ou…View More
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Now for the part of the strength of the traditional lighting dealers, how to grasp the trend of the LED lighting market, using its own pipeline resources and seek with LED enterprises operating the t…View More
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Traditional lighting still occupy absolute market share advantage, LED lighting market penetration is still very low, the latest information indicates that the LED lighting market penetration of only…View More
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KanazawaUNIVERSITY pointed out that, in order to further improve light extraction efficiency, even with the element surface of the light extraction layer is enough (Figure 7). By simulation experimen…View More
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There are many different types of grow lights for indoor gardening plants. LED grow lights use a combination of red and blue LED. They are usually provided on the panel, and placed close to the plant…View More
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As of today, the semi-annual report of the LED sector listed companies has been released is completed, many companies continue to maintain its pre-IPO growth in the number of newly listed companies, …View More
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Have to say, the Japanese concern aspects of daily life, often come up with some fresh ideas. Recently, Tokyo, Japan, a lighting company launched a named NetLED technology, said the technology in the…View More
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U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Star (EnergyStar) solid-state lighting (SSL) specification require any power level are mandatory to provide power factor correction (PFC). This standard applies…View More
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LED drive power supply topologies AC-DC power LED lighting applications, building blocks, including power conversion diode, switch (FET), inductance and capacitance and resistance, and other discret…View More
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