The arrangement of the LED and the LED light source specification determines the basic drive requirements. The main function of the LED driver is in the range of operating conditions restrict flow th…View More
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April 25 the lighting forum sponsored by the China Illuminating Engineering Society, National LED lighting products subsidy policy of the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Comm…View More
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This line to the main line, supplemented by channels for the promotion of LED lighting what fitness is not suitable for? "Our LED lighting almost in Jingdong Mall month sales in the 20,000 or so, yo…View More
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Electricity supplier it burn? The initial construction of low cost, short-earning period is recognized as the biggest advantage of electronic business channels. Many businesses commonly used electr…View More
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However, the current electricity supplier channels and there is no ready example can learn that we are all feeling the stones, hoping to bypass the traditional channels of direct transition is made t…View More
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April 25, South Jiangsu photoelectric publish the report in the first quarter of 2013. As of the end of the reporting period, the South Photoelectric achieved operating income of 32.76 million yuan, …View More
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Deli & P - see I supply the high price of the Series product advantages: 1 This series of products 2-year warranty. The companies are committed to quality defects liability capacity. 2 This ser…View More
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CW-108 36 3W RGBW LED light source, showing the effect of a variety of extraordinary beam. Its unique 13.5 ° beam angle to create the atmosphere than expected effects and a strong visual impact. Scie…View More
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Green light as a high-end brand, beautiful HUMOLED Loi while demanding top quality and state-of-the-art technology, with particular emphasis on product applications. Each developing a product for foc…View More
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Recently, China Taiwan, China mainland and Mexico an R & D team has successfully developed a new type of LED lights, it can reduce the light pollution generated by the street light. It is reporte…View More
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