LED energy-saving lamps because of its energy-saving effect, long life, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, soft light operating voltage wide range of features and is increasingly welcomed by consumers…View More
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1.LED Lighting Type: Home lighting configuration and requirements: (1) living room: The main light, LED downlight, LED ceiling spotlights, LED illuminated painting light, LED lamp, LED floor lamp, L…View More
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LED light emitting device electrical parameters: 1.Forward voltage VF : Forward current through the light emitting diodes for determining the value generated between the poles of the voltage drop. 2…View More
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When the distribution of the temperature of a radiating body with absolute blackbody spectral power in the visible region having the same shape, referred to as the color temperature of the radiator.…View More
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The CIE chromaticity system is based on the colored light of the three primary colors RGB prevail, X, Y, Z tristimulus values ??to calculate the light reflected from an object and the color matching …View More
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The important parameters of LED relative spectral energy distribution curve with a peak wavelength p and spectral half-wave wide delta of these two parameters. LED, regardless of what material has a …View More
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The relative spectral energy distribution of the light emitting diode of the P () means that the respective wavelengths of the radiation in the optical radiation within the wavelength range of the li…View More
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The luminous intensity of the concept requires a light source is a point light source, or requiring the size of the light source and detector area is small enough compared with the distance from the …View More
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Photometric and radiometric parameters: 1.Flux ? v (Luminous Flux): Forward current through the light emitting diode when a predetermined value, the luminous flux emitted optical window of the device…View More
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Light within a certain wavelength range, a form of electromagnetic radiation. The wide range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, the shortest such as cosmic ray wavelength Gigabit per trilli…View More
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