The substantive structure of the LED is a semiconductor PN junction, the core part is composed by a P-type semiconductor and the N-type semiconductor wafer, a transition layer, called the PN junction…View More
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Compared with other packaging technology, COB technology, low price (only about 1/3 of the same chip), to save space, mature technology. But any new technology first appeared can not be perfect, COB …View More
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COB packaging process: Step 1: expanding crystal. Expansion machine manufacturers will provide the entire LED chip the film uniformity expansion, attached to the surface of the film closely spaced L…View More
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COB chip-on-board (Chip On Board COB) process is first covered the surface of the substrate with a thermally conductive epoxy resin (epoxy resin is generally doped with silver particles) the wafer pl…View More
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The traditional LED approach is discrete devices ? MCPCB light source module ? LED lamps: LED light source, mainly because there is no off-the-shelf core source components and the approach taken, not…View More
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The the the emergence of of the LED to break the the the design method of of the traditional light sources with the train of thought, There are currently two the latest design concepts. 1.Mood lighti…View More
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The characteristics of the LED light source 1, energy efficient: compared to the same brightness 3W LED energy-saving lamps 333 hours of electricity consumption, ordinary 60W incandescent 17 hours o…View More
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Seoul Semiconductor, has announced a 0.6T side view LED that achieves 8.8 lumens, the world’s best performance in light output, to occupy the fast-growing phablet market. (phablet: smart PHone and tA…View More
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