LED Spotlights direction 1, the appearance of the building lighting Projection, is nothing more than an area of ??the building is used to control the beam angle, round, and square shape Floodlights,…View More
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LED bulbs the status quo LED lights mainly to high-power white LED single lamp-based, currently the world's top three manufacturers of LED lighting three-year warranty, large particles per watt is eq…View More
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Classification of the LED light bar, LED light bar prices in Chongqing LED light bar is also known as LED Flexible Strip, Chongqing luminous characters, it glows when the shape is like a long soft b…View More
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LED flexible strip quality depends on the attitude of manufacturers and equipment. To produce high quality LED flexible strip must do to ensure sound management practices and reliable incoming inspec…View More
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This article describes the technical difficulties and focus of the LED mining lamp in the design and development of each process segment, led mining lamp to do a detailed analysis, highlighting the a…View More
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The light-emitting diode (LED / Light Emitting Diode) is a light-emitting element made of semiconductor materials, with small size, long life, electricity-saving and fast reaction rate, good shock re…View More
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In principle, if the container of your site directly to 110V or 220V AC power to use direct light inside the container low-wattage incandescent bulb or energy saving bulbs; and use this power to driv…View More
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Nowadays, technological development, energy consumption is relatively increased, we have to reduce carbon emissions subconscious, take good care of the Earth we have grown, countries warming is one o…View More
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LED industry is In recent years is think that the the one of the of the the the most has the potential to industries, mainly due to the is that everyone look forward to that the LED be able to to ent…View More
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LED production Principle The light-emitting diode is a special kind of diode. And ordinary diode, light emitting diode composed of a semiconductor wafer, these semiconductor materials previously pa…View More
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