Quy Nhon city government a year before the allocated budget of 60 billion rupiah (about 500 million rupiah per month) to pay about one million public lighting electricity bill. Started to invest $ 70…View More
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High-Tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City in early April 2011, issued investment certification signed cut to more suppliers Kim Dinh Green and Korean vendors Fawoo Technology $ 12.3 million joint venture to…View More
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The beginning of the Year of the Snake, LED lighting industry came to pick up the signal. Seen from the recently held 9th Guangzhou International LED Exhibition 2012 experience the difficulties falli…View More
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Stir-fried with LED lighting industry, lighting industry news and issues always seem to surround the LED, and in real actual situation in China, packed in ordinary city, township lamps based on energ…View More
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2011, the relevant state departments issued a "subway spaces lighting LED lamps technical specifications, detailed procurement specification of the Metro LED lighting, for metro LED lighting has open…View More
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According to the statistical German lighting output value of construction-related applications up to 11 billion euros per year, employing up to 80,000 people. Plus surrounding electronic parts and i…View More
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2012 the global LED architectural lighting market size of approximately $ 3.191 billion, accounting for approximately 29% of the proportion of the overall LED lighting market, with Europe as the main…View More
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Nguyen chip specifications, the specifications of the machinery parts should also be standardized, LED lamps do quality control from the accessories, Forced current low level of technology manufactur…View More
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LED lights, one industry sources, the situation is not optimistic, our LED high-power integration technology is not very mature, affect the lighting effect; LED and other light sources, much heat, if…View More
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LED lighting (semiconductor lighting) refers to the use of light-emitting diode (light emitting diode) as a light source lighting, known as third light source revolution, energy saving, environmental…View More
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