LED lighting with energy-saving and environmental protection, etc., not in the Ministry of Science and Technology "city of ten thousand lighting project as Nanjing, in recent years, the LED lights th…View More
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Compare a manner acceptable to the Party, is now an EMC is contract management. Say Caucasian companies sell lights, not one-time money is collected, but not months to close save electricity, so it i…View More
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For LED application products manufacturers, each company basically has a Ministry of Internal Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Trade, said the white sub-domestic market and foreign markets. Ministry…View More
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LED bulb is the advantages of the following aspects(2): 1, long life more than 50,000 hours, 50 times more than traditional incandescent light. LED highly reliable state-of-the-art packaging technol…View More
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LED bulb is the advantages of the following aspects(1): 1, energy the incandescent white LED power consumption is only 1/10, energy saving lamp 1/4. 2.Longevity life of up to 100,000 hours or more,…View More
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Application for CQC mark certification, if the product is within the range of the CCC mandatory product certification directory, must be certified through the CCC, CCC is not within the scope of the …View More
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The domestic sales of LED products including CQC mark certification and CCC the two compulsory certification, testing and certification by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). LED road light…View More
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UL certification in the United States are non-mandatory certification, product safety testing and certification, their scope of accreditation does not bear the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) cha…View More
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Exported to the North American market certification UL, ETL, FCC and the ENERGY STAR (Energy Star) and several LED road lighting products UL certified reference UL8750 or UL60950, UL1598 standards, E…View More
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"GB" pinyin abbreviation constitute the Number sequence number and the National Institute of Standards published by the National Institute of Standards Code, National Institute of Standards released …View More
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