Narrow Beam Angle Wall Washing LED Strip Light


Wide applicability, easy to install and maintain, apply to background decoration, wall & furniture, etc light place. Very flexible, with a 60° viewing angle and long lifespan. Multi-colors are available, able to ensure consistent CCT without any aberration, keeps the same bin for every shipment.

1. The light-emitting angle is 60°, and the angle accuracy can be 60±3°through structural design;

2. The LED has uniform light emission, good color consistency, and no yellow spots;

3. Direct heat dissipation, good reliability, suitable for batch operation within 0.5W;

4. Mass production SDCM<4 batch supply;

5. Using silica gel packaging operation, 2835 structure heat dissipation mode, low attenuation, in line with LM80 standard;

6. The central light intensity is more than 1.4 times the conventional one, the light diffusion angle is small, and the effective light-condensing is good;

7. Under the same raw material configuration specifications, the illuminance value is more than 2.5 times the normal;


Light intensity spatial distribution curve

The central light intensity at a 60°beam angle is 1.4 times the normal light intensity, and the central light intensity is higher

Comparison of illuminance distribution curves of light strips

The central light intensity at a 60°beam angle is 2.5 times the normal light intensity, and the central light intensity is higher


Product nameNarrow Beam Angle LED Strip Light
Input voltageDC12V/24V
Led quantity120pcs/M
CRI(Ra)Ra80, Ra90
Luminous flux850Lm/M
Beam angle60°
LED chipSMD2835
PCB width10mm
Working hours30000 hours
Length5000mm (16.4ft) per roll
Standard connectorcable or DC connector on the end
Waterproof ratingsIP20
Tape3M 300LSE tape on the back
CertificationCE, ROHS, cUL, UL listed
WarrantyThree years

Product image


Application: Kitchen Cabinets Lighting, Showcases Lighting, Wall Washing Lighting

The installation method of A will make the effective light come out of the showcase, the application is not a good idea.

The installation method of B is a common application in the current market. The disadvantage is that the light source cannot achieve a specific focusing effect.

The design of C requires a secondary light guide design, which affects the appearance of the front view of the cabinet and adds additional costs.

D adopts the design of light control products to control the effective light in the showcase while achieving the ideal light-gathering effect.

1. Through the improvement of process and structure, the light-emitting angle is 60°, which reduces the cost of secondary optics;

2. The beam angle is small, the central light intensity is high, the irradiation distance is long, the light is uniform, and the effect is good;

3. The bracket has high strength and is suitable for making led strip lights, which can be bent arbitrarily for easy installation;

4. 2835 universal pad;

5. The light-emitting angle of 60° is realized through the light-concentrating hole and the hole wall is made of opaque material, no astigmatism, and no dark area;

Packing Information

Different lengths are available!

Standard packing: 5m(16.4’) per roll.

Gross weight: 0.2kg per roll. 10m(32.8’) per roll.

Gross weight: 0.4kg per roll.

TypeItem NO.Flex Strip sizeCarton sizeEsdbagWeight/CartonQuan$ty/Carton
Flex LED StripDR-2835B60FX120-24V20x20cm50x30x30cm24.2×26.3cm0.2kg10kg

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