New Dotted COB LED Strip Lights

This is a new dotted COB LED strip light provided by DERUN LIGHTING. It not only has all the advantages of conventional LED strip light but also has its unique advantages.

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What is a dotted COB led strip light?

The dotted COB led strip is a new led strip light made by COB encapsulation,

It is to cure the LED light-emitting chip directly on the flexible FPC board, and then directly cover the wick with fluorescent glue.

This kind of COB light strip eliminates many steps in the traditional LED light strip manufacturing process, and also reduces the defective rate of light strips that may be caused by each production link.

After the chip and the board are integrated, it has better electrical conductivity and higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.

The better heat dissipation performance of the light-emitting chip greatly increases the service life of the light strip.

The full fluorescent gel cover makes the light emitted by the lamp belt softer and more comfortable.

In addition to the above advantages, the dotted COB light strip has another advantage, that is: compared with the traditional light strip, it has a very high-cost performance. Dotted COB light strips with the same power and same brightness will have a lower price than traditional led light strips.



Product Specification

Product NameDotted COB LED Strip Light
LED Light SourceLED Chip with COB Package
PCB Thickness2oz
PCB ColorWhite
Tape3M adhesive tape
Length per reel16.4′ (5M) or 32.8′(10M)
Standard Connector20AWG red/black cable on the end
Length of Cuttable12V-25 mm/24V-50mm
PCB width8mm
LED Strip Dimension8mm (Width) *1.3mm(Height) *Length
Length5000mm (16.4ft) per roll
Length of Connection Cable150mm length

Electrical Parameters

Color2500K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K,6000K,Red,Green,Blue
Input VoltageDC12V/24V
LED Beam Angle180°
Lumen Output/M1000 / 1120 / 1240 / 1240 / 1160
Work Temperature-20~60°
Working Humidity40%-70%RH
Working Lifetime50,000+ hours
Warranty3 years


Product Photo:

The picture below is a comparison of the appearance with conventional 3528 LED light strips. The difference between them can be seen from the picture.

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