No Resistance High Density Constant Current LED Strip Lights

What is a constant current led strip?

Conventional LED strips are constant voltage led strips. One disadvantage of constant voltage strip is that there is a voltage drop across the board. When the series length exceeds 5 m, the brightness between the first part and the end part of the led strip will be inconsistent.

The figure below shows the circuit schematic diagram of the constant voltage led strip.

constant voltage led strip circuit

In order to solve this problem, the constant current led strip is born.

The constant current led strip is based on the traditional constant voltage led strip circuit, and a constant current IC chip is added to each group of led circuit loops to automatically adjust the voltage of the LED in the loop to operate at the rated voltage. The brightness of the head and tail of the led strip will remain the same.

The figure below shows the schematic diagram of the constant current led strip.

constant current led strip circuit

The no resistive constant current led strip is an upgraded version of the ordinary constant current strip.

Its constant current IC chip is built into the LED, and then only need to add one such LED to each group of led strip circuit, so that the led strip can work in a constant current state.

The constant current scheme can make the led strip light more stable, and the brightness is better, which can make the led strip connection length reach 40 meters or even longer.

Built-in Constant Current IC Series

This series of the led strip comes with 7 models.

The main difference is that the number of led per meter is different. From the smallest 60 LEDs/m to the maximum 300 LEDs/m. The maximum density of 2835 led strip can only be 300 LEDs/m.

Product Specification

Product NameConstant Current LED Strip Light
LED Light Source2835 LED
LED QTY/M60/80/90/120/128/240/300LEDs
PCB Thickness2oz
PCB ColorWhite
Tape3M 300LSE tape on the back
Length per reel16.4′ (5M) or 32.8′(10M)
Standard Connector20AWG red/black cable on the end
Length of Cuttable20/25/50/62.4/100mm
PCB width10mm/12mm
LED Strip Dimension10mm (Width)*1.3mm(Height)*Length
Length5000mm (16.4ft) per roll
Length of Connection Cable150mm length

Electrical Parameters

Color2100K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
Input Voltage24V/36V
CRI>80, >90
LED Beam Angle120°
Lumen Output/Meter800LM~2500LM
Work Temperature-20~60°
Working Humidity40%-70%RH
Working Lifetime30,000+ hours
Warranty3 Years


2835 60leds/m DC24V, Length of Cuttable: 100mm, PCB Width: 10mm

2835 80leds/m DC24V, Length of Cuttable: 100mm, PCB Width: 10mm

2835 90leds/m DC36V, Length of Cuttable: 100mm, PCB Width: 10mm

2835 120leds/m DC24V, Length of Cuttable: 50mm, PCB Width: 10mm

2835 128leds/m DC24V, Length of Cuttable: 62.4mm, PCB Width: 10mm

2835 240leds/m DC24V, Length of Cuttable: 25mm, PCB Width: 10mm

2835 300leds/m DC24V, Length of Cuttable: 20mm, PCB Width: 12mm

Advantage of Built-in Constant Current IC Flex LED Strip

  • A quite simple appearance, only LED exists without any components.
  • Each group has one LED with Constant Current IC builtin to output constant current.
  • Same brightness from beginning to the end of the led strip light.
  • Excellent Color Consistency.

Product Images:

240leds/m and 300leds/m are high-density led strips. These two strips have high brightness and uniform illumination, dotless and no dark areas, it’s very popular with customers.

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